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Overwhelming dissociation

I’ve been going around feeling quite dissociated today. Not sure why that is but its very concerning. My head is fuzzy. My mind is racing. One minute I am thinking about something intensely, the next my mind is a blurr. I’m finding that my concentration isn’t there and its become increasingly hard to try to stay present. I really hate this. Life feels so unbearable right now. I hate the fogginess of my mind, the intensity of my emotions. I just want to go home and not do any college work. I just want to relax and try to calm down. It feels so overwhelming. I have about another four hours before the day is over, and even then, it isn’t really over because I have to go see Dr Barry. Sigh.

Night time ramble

I’m wide awake at almost 1:30 AM. I was so exhausted last night, the week caught up with me. I slept like a log and got up late today which is why I am awake now so late tonight. I’ve been thinking about a lot tonight. Mostly about the recent episode of dissociation we had that was very scary and really caught me off guard. The pattern of dissociation seems to have changed for us, not sure why but its something to work on in therapy, to try and figure it out. some of the kids are not doing well this week. allie is one, lexi is another. allie had some therapy time yesterday which I am glad about because it did her some good. she got a big hug from eileen and she was thrilled about that. I dont have any plans this weekend, I think I am just going to chill out and relax and have a quiet one. Next week I start full days in college so it will be exhausting and busy. I went to see the nutritionist today but I wasnt down any weight. I am maintaining though so thats a positive at least. I know what the problem is, lack of exercise. I need to work harder and exercise more. I’m hoping by exercising more I’ll be down next week.