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Migraine headaches

Does anyone have any experiences of having bad migraines? What do you do when you get them? Are you on medication for them, or do you use other remedies to cope with them?
I get a lot of headaches. They are really bad sometimes. I dont eat a lot of chocolate. I do drink a lot of coffee though. I used to get really bad headaches when I was younger, but then they went away for a few years. Now they’re back, again.
I went to a migraine specialist a few years ago. It looks like I may have to go back to him again if I cant get them under control. I took imigran for a while. It kinda helped. Its a preventer medication for migraines.
I hope I can get them under control because they can be quite debilitating, and I hate having to spend hours laying in complete darkness, or with the curtains closed and lights out.