To any old followers, I’m now blogging somewhere else

I now have a new blog. Well I’ve had it for years, but just in case any of you are still reading this one, I never post in it now.
so my blog now is over at

So you can feel free to come on over and follow along!
Hope to see you all there!
carol anne

I’m now blogging somewhere else

Hi everyone
I don’t know if anyone still follows this blog. But I don’t update this one any more. I now blog over at therapy bits. The address is

If you want to follow me over there.
I’m still writing about therapy, about my life, about my dog, living with mental illnesses, etc.

I’m still doing what I did when I had this blog. So if you’d like to follow along, please feel free.
carol anne

is anyone here?

hi guys. its carol anne. is anyone still here? I don’t blog here now, but this blog still exists, I haven’t deleted it, so I am wondering, if anyone still is receiving the periodic posts and if you are, do you want to come over to my new blog to follow us there?
let me know and I can invite you.
peace out,
carol anne

contact from my followers

I don’t blog on this blog any more. But I would love it if people who were followers would contact me. either by commenting or emailing me. if you comment I will email you with a link to our new blog.
we are still blogging about therapy, doctor barry, and life in general.
We are still hanging in there…somehow.
To anyone reading this, please email me on
or send me a comment.

Living life with dissociative identity disorder and complex PTSD