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Frustrated with my weight loss

I’m just finished seeing Karen who is my nutritionist. After losing 2 pounds last week, I was thrilled, but this week, I am up a pound. It is so frustrating. I am not losing as fast as I’d like. Karen has a theory as to why. A few years ago I got my gall bladder out. Well, she says when you don’t have a gall bladder you cant break down fat, your body is able to do it properly. So she advised me to use lecitan seeds. They help break down fats. She thinks I am losing weight in some parts of my body but not around my waste. She also thinks my increased exercise is building muscle and as you know muscle weighs heavier than fat. Its just so annoying. I want it to go quicker than it is going. It is not for lack of trying. I cant try any harder, literally. We’re going to keep working weekly because I told her when I go weekly I have more motivation. Plus it is helpful for me to see someone every week. It keeps me on track and on target.

Weight loss this week

Just saw Karen the nutritionist. I had a pretty good week, both in regards to food and exercise, so I was hoping to be down a couple pounds. After four weeks of staying steady, and not losing anything, I was hoping to see some results. And I did. When she weighed me I was down by 2 pounds. I was so thrilled about that. 2 more pounds to go to be down a stone, that’s 14 pounds in total. Its great to be seeing results again. I think increasing the exercise really helped, as well as eating more fruit and vegetables. I couldn’t believe I’d lost weight, since I had my cousins 18th birthday party last Sunday and I’d eaten a slice of cake with cream and chocolate in it. Other than that though I hadn’t really had anything bad this past week. It feels good to be back on track again.

Weight loss update

So last Friday I went to the nutritionist like I do every Friday. She weighed me. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck at the same weight and have been for the past four weeks now. Its so annoying and frustrating but I guess the good thing is I am not gaining weight. Maintaining is better than gaining IMO. The other good news is I am losing inches off my waste. On Friday I had lost another inch, that brings it up to 3.5 inches gone off my waste since I started. That part I am ecstatic about. I’ve been working real hard at exercising and doing it regularly. That part I don’t find easy as motivation is a struggle for me. I did eat some cake this weekend so I’ll have to work extra hard on the treadmill this week. I’m also trying to get an exercise bike, because I think if I had more options and could switch around and change it up a little I’d be more motivated. I’m back to Karen again this week and if I am still stuck I’ll cry.

Night time ramble

I’m wide awake at almost 1:30 AM. I was so exhausted last night, the week caught up with me. I slept like a log and got up late today which is why I am awake now so late tonight. I’ve been thinking about a lot tonight. Mostly about the recent episode of dissociation we had that was very scary and really caught me off guard. The pattern of dissociation seems to have changed for us, not sure why but its something to work on in therapy, to try and figure it out. some of the kids are not doing well this week. allie is one, lexi is another. allie had some therapy time yesterday which I am glad about because it did her some good. she got a big hug from eileen and she was thrilled about that. I dont have any plans this weekend, I think I am just going to chill out and relax and have a quiet one. Next week I start full days in college so it will be exhausting and busy. I went to see the nutritionist today but I wasnt down any weight. I am maintaining though so thats a positive at least. I know what the problem is, lack of exercise. I need to work harder and exercise more. I’m hoping by exercising more I’ll be down next week.