contact from my followers

I don’t blog on this blog any more. But I would love it if people who were followers would contact me. either by commenting or emailing me. if you comment I will email you with a link to our new blog.
we are still blogging about therapy, doctor barry, and life in general.
We are still hanging in there…somehow.
To anyone reading this, please email me on
or send me a comment.

5 thoughts on “contact from my followers”

  1. Hi, PA here. I definitely follow your Blog! Could you please send me a link to

    This would be great because at some point, I need to fix my disaster of a Blog. That includes a complete overhaul of my Blogroll. Maybe a new Template as well!

    Thanks so much guys! Or girls? Fuck it. Gender Neutral.

    Thanks so much everyone! *laughing*

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