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Bits and pieces

I didn’t sleep good last night. It was partly because I slept earlier in the evening. When I came home from college yesterday my home help came and helped me cook, then I just crashed. So my pattern was all out of sync. I ended up waking up in the middle of the night and just got up then because I couldn’t get back to sleep again.

While I was up I caught up on email and read some blogs. I also fixed up my ipad, I had to reset it back to factory settings and update the IOS software. I am selling my ipad because I rarely use it, I always seem to use my I phone instead. My sisters boyfriend said he wants to buy it, so I’m selling it to him. I need money to buy a new laptop so I am selling a couple items, my ipad, kindle fire, and a netbook which I have but don’t like. Hopefully they will make enough money so that I can buy my new laptop and office and my jaws screen reading software as well.

Todays been a pretty quiet day at college. We had one class this morning, and someone came to talk to us about the schools new facebook page, other than that I’ve been just messing around online and stuff. I cant wait until next Monday when we will finally start the modules and really get into the work fully.

Tomorrow I see dr Barry. I’m looking forward to that. I’m sure we’ll talk about lots of stuff.

Weekend rambles

So the weekend was pretty good. I had a relaxing one. The one thing I did do was go to my cousins 18th birthday party yesterday. It was a meal for some of the family, and then we had drinks too after the meal. We had a great day and I really enjoyed myself. It was nice after a busy week to just be able to relax. I also caught up on sleep on Saturday night. I went to bed really early and was reading my book, fell asleep in the middle of a chapter, and slept for 13 hours straight! No kidding. Speaking of books, I’ve finished the girl in the mirror by Cathy glass. I’ll do a review later today. It was a pretty good book I thought. Tonight I’m going to start girl alone, her new book that just came out last week. I stayed at mom and dads on both Saturday and last night. I always stay on Saturday night but I just decided that it would be better if I stayed last night too since we were going to that party. I am happy the weekend was relaxing, it sets me up for a good week ahead.

Wow its morning?

Omg I am so not a morning person since I started college. I keep saying I’ll get a routine going, and go to bed at a reasonable time. Then I dont. I really do need to try doing that! I didnt get to bed last night till after 2 AM. Then I slept fitfully and eventually got up at 7 AM. Saw to Nitro, and then ate breakfast. I swear though my eyes are hangout out of my head! I booked my taxi and will leave at 9:45 AM. It is gonna be such a busy day because after college I have therapy. I’ll come home in between for about an hour. But therapys at six, so I wont get home till after 8 eek. I think therapys going to be hard tonight. I wonder if we’ll do more EMDR. I like that but its tough going. Dealing with the trauma stuff is really hard.

Seeing Dr Barry and my messed up sleep

I saw Dr Barry this morning. I was pleasantly surprised when I went to my appointment to see that the waiting room was almost empty. So I didnt have long to wait before dr Barry came to get me. We had a pretty low key session today. We just talked about our recent appointment with the OT Mark, and we talked about my injection and what I will do once I start college about getting it. I think I have it worked out. Helen the clinic nurse has offered to come in at 7 30 in the morning so that I can get the injection before I go to college. I get it once a month. It was nice of her to offer to do that for me. Dr Barry asked me how I was doing with Eileen being on vacation. I said I’d been mostly ok but last night was hard and I really missed her. I told her if I can keep busy its not so bad. We discussed my sleep as its pretty non existent at the moment. I keep waking during the night, I must have woken four times last night. Its so annoying. I dont really nap during the day so you’d think I’d be really tired by bedtime. I’ll just have to keep working on strategies to cope with it as I am not going to ask for meds. I’m sure once school starts up it will get easier as I’ll be extra tired. We talked about my holiday and I told her all about what we did. It was a short appointment as I’ll see her again on Wednesday.

Another sleepless night, sigh

Omg does it ever end? When will I sleep at the right time! My sleep patterns are so all over the place. I really need to work on my sleep and sleeping at appropriate times. I’m so bad at that.
I slept in the afternoon yesterday for about 3 hours. I wouldnt have woken at all except my mom called and the phone woke me. It was just as well as it was late and I hadnt let nitro out to pee. So I did that and then I stayed up and did email and skyped with my friend Sarah.
This morning I am seeing dr Barry. I usually see her in the afternoon but she asked me to come at 9 AM today because she’s down one junior doctor. Thats ok with me I’m up anyway so I dont mind going there at an earlier time.
Eileen texted yesterday and asked if I could come on Thursday instead of Friday but I couldnt because I’m going on a day outing with the basement club. So she said it was ok I could just come as planned on Friday at 3:30. It was cool to text back and forth with her for a couple minutes. Emily whose 12 also texted her to tell her she hadnt thrown up or exercised too much, and that she was happy we were losing weight. They texted a couple of times too which emily was delighted about. She kept putting kisses at the bottom of her messages and smily faces and the one for a face throwing a kiss. She’s too cute. All the kids adore eileen.
Its pouring outside right now. We’ve had nothing but rain for the entire month of July. Its depressing.