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Saw our nutritionist

Well, I did it. I went to see Karen. I didnt cancel. I’m very proud of myself. And the best news is I lost 2 pounds…woop woop.

We talked about my lack of motivation to do exercise. We brainstormed and I decided that I am going to try and go for five days this week, with 10 minutes o walking on the treadmill, and then 5 minutes of doing exercises standing still, like lunges, stretches, etc. I think that will work.
I decided I’m going to do things like play zombie run or listen to a book, watch a tv programme or listen to music while I exercise. Then it wont seem like I’m exercising. The goal is to aim for five days this coming week. If I do it I’ll be so proud of me. Baby steps, right?

We also did a habits audit. Thats where she had a sheet with different things on it and I had to say whether I did them now, or whether they were things I could work on for the future. They were things like keeping a journal identifying my food triggers, working on not eating when your bored, not eating in front of the TV, reducing portion sizes, things like that. It was interesting. I found I had a lot of bad habits. Now its to try and break them for good.

I’m thrilled with the 2 pounds weight loss. I know its not much but to me thats huge. And although I havent been exercising nearly as much as I should have been, I worked real hard on my food and eating healthy and its paying off now, which is great news for me.

Karen gave me some ideas for recipes and she said maybe I could try one this week. I thought that was a good idea and it will be fun to. I think I’m going to make cinamon pancakes for a treat this weekend. Th littles will love doing that. We’ll all enjoy eating them 🙂

Carol Anne

Saw our nutritionist

We saw Karen, our nutritionist today. We had a good appointment. Unfortunately we hadn’t lost any weight, but the good news is we didn’t gain any either. We simply stayed exactly the same as we were 3 weeks ago. I was a little bit disappointed, but Karen told me not to feel too disheartened, that it will take time. We discussed the last couple of weeks, and I told her we’d been mostly good except for the odd few days where we kinda went off track and ate the wrong foods and stuff. But we haven’t used any laxatives or diet pills, we haven’t been vomiting after eating, nothing like that. We did restrict some but we’re trying hard not to do that. We’ve also been mostly good about following our meal plan. We set goals for the coming two weeks. First I said I’d exercise more than I have been doing. Then I also said I’d try to eat breakfast every day, because I haven’t been doing that. I also said I’d work on completely cutting out junk food and maybe just have a treat one time in the week, and when we’re having a treat to have a small treat that we all like. I just came home from grocery shopping where I got some fruit, crackers, hummus, bread and yogurt and a couple other things. All in all I’m ready to try to lose a couple of pounds within the next two weeks. I’m gonna try hard and hope for the best.
Carol anne

Apt with our nutritionist tomorrow

We see Karen our nutritionist tomorrow afternoon. I’m pretty apprehensive about it. I don’t know if she’s going to weigh me every week or not, but I really don’t want her to weigh me tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ve lost weight. I don’t think so. I’m nervous to have her check in case I haven’t. If I haven’t I’d be really disappointed in myself. And I think she’d probably be disappointed in me also. So I would prefer she didn’t check because then I don’t have to find out. I do need to talk to her about Emilys concerns around the food plan and around eating in general. She knows we have did, but I haven’t said to her, who inside has eating issues. I really don’t want to use our names. I prefer that she just call me Shirley and leave it go at that. Eileen says I can talk to her about it without using our names, I can say things like a certain part of me feels like…etc etc. I guess that will work. I’m just feeling very insecure about going to meet her tomorrow. But I wont cancel…I will go.
Carol anne