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Stressful meeting about college stuff

So, as if this mornings stress wasn’t enough, my stress just took on a whole new level. I just came out of a meeting with the training standards officer about accessibility stuff surrounding assignments, exams etc. So it went like this. She asked me if I knew anything about word, and I was like sure I do, so then I asked the instructors why they decided to start me on spreadsheets as the first module, instead of word, when I know absolutely nothing about spreadsheets. I told them it would be so much easier if I was allowed to start with word, because I know quite a bit about it and if they need help with jaws and stuff I can help them with it as they don’t know a lot about jaws. You see, half the group of us are doing word as the first module, and the other half are doing spreadsheets. So when I actually said to them that I’d prefer to do word instead of spreadsheets they agreed to that. Thank god! So next Monday I will start word. There will be two exams in word, and one assignment which is also graded. They were trying today to figure out the best way for me to access the exams and instructions for the assignment. I asked if I can have a reader, the officer said possibly, but first they are going to scan in the material and see if it can be read with jaws. I know jaws reads pdf files but I tried to tell her it wont read images, and tables are also pretty hard to navigate. She said they’d try to scan the instructions and exam paper in, and then if it doesn’t work, if jaws doesn’t read it they will look at an alternative, but first they have to prove that they’ve tried the other way. Pretty stupid if you ask me but that’s how it is. I’m just glad to be starting with a module that I am relatively familiar with. I was so worried about starting into something I know zilch about. I’m sure that we’ll get the accessibility stuff sorted in time. We have a couple of weeks before the exams and before I have to start the assignment so that’s good. It gives us time to iron out the problems.

I’m still loving college 3 days in

Well I’m still loving college. Granted things arent fully started yet, its all still the induction process, so pretty boring stuff. We havent done any course work yet. Basically all we’ve done is have a couple presentations on what the programme will look like, on the rules and regulations, and signed some documents, about our rights as students and our responsibilities and also we had to sign the internet usage policy. We also talked about misconduct, and the things that are considered misconduct and the consequences of that. We had a talk from the rehabilitation officer, the resource teacher, and the manager of the college. We have to do health and safety and manual handling which is also part of the health and safety process. The manual handling will be done tomorrow. The instructors told us today their giving us Friday off so I was delighted to hear that. Early mornings are so hard. I’m still getting used to getting up early and it hasnt fully hit me yet but I did notice I do get very tired in the evenings. I stayed behind today after class to talk to the instructor about accessibility stuff and all that hasnt been fully ironed out yet. We mostly talked about the exams and getting them in an accessible format. We talked about me possibly getting a reader to read the text in my typing timed exams, an actual reader as in a person who can do that. We also talked about me possibly having alternative questions set if there were ones I couldnt answer due to their being images etc that my screen reader wont read. I’m not worried because I know these things will be ironed out over time. As I said to the instructor today there is always a way around something, sometimes you just have to look hard to find it. I found out that when it comes to work experience we have to find our own, I was under the impression that the school would find it for us. they do help you to get your resume ready, apply for jobs, do interviews etc but they do expect that you will be instramental in finding your own placement. Again I wont worry for now, it wont be happening for another year yet. The people in my class are really nice. Everyone is friendly and they have all been really helpful to me which I am grateful for. I’m really enjoying it and long may it continue.

Tuesday update

so my tuesday was really productive and busy. i didnt think it would be but i was pleasantly surprised.
first my PA came at 9 AM. she usually comes on saturday, but last saturday i was in dublin so she didnt come. instead we changed our day to today. so she came and i had plenty for her to do. she did the ironing, vacuming, mopped the floors, changed my bed, and other housework that i needed to get done. that took about an hour. then we went to the store because i needed batteries and milk and some things for nitro. while at the store i got a smoothie, instead of a coffee. we came back to my house then and we sat chatting for a while, drinking our smoothies, and it was nice to just do that. i let her go half an hour early because there wasnt anything else left for her to do. she’ll come again this saturday as usual though and i’m sure i’ll have plenty for her to do.
after she left i called my friend, then my home help aid came and she helped me make some food. i made a chicken curry. i find now that i’m being more health conscious its easier if i organise my meals and then i dont binge on foods that i shouldnt, or eat the wrong types of foods. so i made a curry, putting lots of veggies in it and i made rice to go with that. it was yummy. i have some leftovers for tomorrow because i have to go see dr barry and i dont have home help coming and no time to cook food because i wont be home till after six in the evening so its good that ihave some leftovers.
after my home help went i decided to go to mom and dads for a couple of hours. at first my plan was to stay home and relax but then i decided i’d be bored and i’d prefer to do something and visiting my parents seemed like fun. so i rang mom and i told her i’d be coming and she said she had to go out to the store with my sister and that they’d pick me up on their way home. so they did, and i left nitro at home because i knew i wouldnt be gone for a long time. i stayed at mom and dads about an hour and a half and then i got a taxi home. my sister didnt even come in to mom and dads, she just picked me up and dropped us to moms, picking her kids up from summer camp on the way.
this evening was a chilled out evening-I just did email, watched tv, drank coffee, too much of it lol. I didnt do any exercise like i promised myself i would. oh well. tomorrows another day. i really need to get motivated though to do more exercise and be better about it. i weighed myself today on my own scales because i was curious and couldnt resist and it said i’d lost 3 pounds. whether i have or havent i dont know and i’ll wait until friday to see my weight on karens scales as its probably different to mine. i really just checked it for the fun of it just to see how i was doing. i feel good though knowing i might have lost at least 3 more pounds!

Rambling cuz I am bored

Well despite my lack of sleep last night, I got through this day somehow. So happy its Friday and almost the weekend. As my blogging friend P says, Friday I’m in love!
I didnt get up to much today. Just spent the day at my parents. My sisters kids were off school due to the refforendums that were taking place and so she brought them to our parents house and we just spent the day in the garden. I was going to go with my mom for a long walk, but she was too tired so I just went on my treadmill instead.
Tomorrow morning my PA deirdre is coming for four hours. She’ll be coming at 9 AM. I need her to do some housework, and then I need to go to get my grocery shopping. We’ll probably go for a nice coffee at costa as well. I also have to buy some birthday cards for my 3 friends, my sister, and my mom. I also have to go pick up my meds, and go to the post office. So it will be a busy morning.
Then in the afternoon I am going to a communion party, my sisters partners cousin is making her communion, and there is a huge party at their house afterwords, with lots of food, entertainment and drinks. I’d say it will be a good afternoon and evening. We probably wont get home till late so I’ll probably stay at my parents tomorrow night.
No plans for Sunday probably just stay in bed late and chill out when I do finally get out of bed.

we are having a better morning this morning

Well, despite having no sleep, and despite feeling crappy during last night, I feel a lot better now. I spent a couple of hours this morning looking around on youtube. I also made some videos of my own to upload to my youtube channel.Then I got dressed and went to the basement club, and I am still here now. I was asked to write an article for the shine monthly newsletter, detailing why I applied to be on the board of management, and my hopes for the future, so I did that. I did it in about 10 minutes. There arent many members here right now, its pretty quiet which is unusual. It was so quiet that I was able to go into the kitchen by myself and make a cup of coffee. Normally if there are a lot of people around I cant do that. Well I could, but I’m always afraid I’ll spill it or bump off of someone coming out so usually I get someone to do it for me. Creative writing class is on at 2 and I am looking forward to that. Not much else to report. I’m glad I’m doing better than I was. I hate when things feel that bad and bleak.
If anyone would like to subscribe to my youtube channel that would be very cool. We’d love it if you did. There are videos about did, our life, some from the alters, some of nitro, just a lot of random videos.