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i gots a question about movies

hi everybody
its ericka. im 8. i decided to write and ask a question.
our pa is taking us to the movies soon. but first we have to pick a movie to see. we want to see a kids movie. or something that a kid would like. not something violent or scary cuz we dont like those sorta movies.
does anyone have any ideas about what movie to see?
if you got to see a good movie lately maybe you’ll comment to tell us about it here.

Our therapist is gonna read to us tomorrow!

this is allie. and i’m very excited.
eileens home from vacation. i texted her last night. she told me to text 2 days before we saw her to remind her to charge up her digital recorder. cuz guess what? tomorrow we will take our new book into her office and she’s gonna read to us. i am super happy and i cant wait to be read to. it will be so special i think. the book is all about feelings. and there is a heart cut out on each page, and you can feel it. i think its called the heart book but i’m not sure if thats the name of the book and i dont know the name of the author. its gonna be so cool to have eileen read a story. and we will record it so we can listen over and over to it. i’m even thinking of asking eileen if we can make reading part of therapy and maybe once every couple of weeks if she’ll read a book to us and let us record the stories. it makes me feel so loved that she is going to do this for us. carol anne says its part of the attachment based therapy. it allows us to bond even more than we already are to her. i’m just super excited. i dont think i’ll be able to sleep tonight lol.

feelins feelins

its me alicia. if you dont know i am 9. i feel so crummy tonight. my head hurts. my heart hurts. everywhere just hurts. and i dont have anyone to talk to about it. eileen is on holidays. i cant text dr barry. i dont think i should bother our friends. i feel so lonely and alone. why did eileen have to go on vacation? its not fair! i feel like she left us and just went and i feel like she’ll never come back. she did say she’d be back. she doesnt lie well she hasnt ever lied to me. its so hard waiting. she told me to text her a few days before our therapy session, to remind her to charge up her digital recorder so she can read us the story she promised to read to us. i am so looking forward to her reading to us. that will be fun. and special. is it ok for me to feel special? loved? cared for? because that is how i will feel when she reads to us. like someone loves and cares about me. its hard being a kid. feelings suck. when you dont really understand grown up things, when you want things and cant have them, when your hurting and there is nobody to tell, it all just sucks.
alicia age 9

it me taylor

hi everyone
it me taylor
i be feling sad
i not sure why
my hart jus hurts
i fink it cuz i had nitemares
about my grandad
hes dead now
and i miss him
i wanted to tok to dr barry yeserday
but ther wasnt time
that maked me sad to
i lik dr barry
shes alwas nise to me
actuly shes nise to all us kids alwas
i hav a buny rabit that i snugle wif
her nam is nibbles
shes soft and has long ears
later today mabe i wil make a video
and i can post it here
if people want to see me and my buny rabit
wat do you fink
is dat a gud idea

taylor six