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Weight loss update

So last Friday I went to the nutritionist like I do every Friday. She weighed me. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck at the same weight and have been for the past four weeks now. Its so annoying and frustrating but I guess the good thing is I am not gaining weight. Maintaining is better than gaining IMO. The other good news is I am losing inches off my waste. On Friday I had lost another inch, that brings it up to 3.5 inches gone off my waste since I started. That part I am ecstatic about. I’ve been working real hard at exercising and doing it regularly. That part I don’t find easy as motivation is a struggle for me. I did eat some cake this weekend so I’ll have to work extra hard on the treadmill this week. I’m also trying to get an exercise bike, because I think if I had more options and could switch around and change it up a little I’d be more motivated. I’m back to Karen again this week and if I am still stuck I’ll cry.

Weight loss success

I had my first weigh in yesterday. I was down four pounds! I’m so thrilled.
I cant believe I actually did it, I lost weight. All the hard work was worth it. I’m so proud of me.
My goals for this coming week are to drink extra water, two bottles a day if I can, and to exercise 5 out of 7 days. I dont have a food goal, as I’m doing great with my food intake and making healthier choices.
I was so nervous going in to Karen. I thought for sure something would go wrong. But I shouldnt underestimate myself. I did great and it was a great result.
Heres to another great week this week.

On weight, and dieting

So today I am starting something new. A diet. Not a crash diet, not something off the wall, just a healthy eating plan, and some exercise.

I really want to lose some weight. I am ashamed to say I am obese. I weight over 200 pounds and I am disgusted by that. I know a lot of it is down to meds, but also, some of it is down to eating the wrong types of foods, and doing little to no exercise.

That is all about to change today! I started this morning. I ate a healthy breakfast of cerial and it wasnt sugary cerial either. It was a healthy type of cerial. Then for lunch I ate some fruit. And I’m going to have chicken for dinner. I have not decided yet on the amount of exercise I’ll do, but there was talk on the radio this morning about weight and weight loss. The guy who was on the radio said 30 to 40 minutes of exercise a day will cut it and anyone who does that alongside a healthy eating plan will lose weight.

I’ve tried so many things to lose weight. From a severe diet where I could only eat protein, to weight watchers, to diet pills, you name it, I’ve tried it. But nothing ever worked. One time I lost 30 pounds on one diet, but when I stopped I put it all back on again. I just want to lose it and keep it off!

Heeres hoping this healthy eating plan and exercise regime will be just what I need.
Carol anne