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The past few days

so the weekend was pretty quiet, all things considered. the family are still pretty consumed by our grandads passing, last Friday mom and her siblings went to his house, to try and sort out the insurance policies, and other things. His ashes came back from the crematorium. They’re in two boxes, half of them are being spread on our grammas grave, and the other half are being spread on his parents grave. Thats what he wanted.
on saturday i had my new P.A, my regular one is off for two weeks. The new girl is african, and she was nice, we hit it off. She did a lot of housework for me, then we went to mcdonalds to have a frape. it was my first time to taste a frape, and man it was good! i got a caramel one.
i usually spend the weekend at my parents but this weekend I didnt do that. not sure why, but I think I just wanted my own space, and some alone time at home just me and nitro. It was nice. On sunday I did go to my parents for dinner. Then on Sunday evening me and mom went to our aunts house. We just had a catch up and they had some drinks, I didnt drink though.
Today is a bank holiday here. We are going to a local garden centre with our mom and aunts, we’ll have lunch there, and look around, I might even buy a plant or two!

Updating for Sunday…

Not much up today.  Feeling a little anxiety if I am honest.  Not sure what thats about.  Think it could be related to my meds.  I am finding the lyrica I am taking is making me sleep a little bit more.  Dr Barry wants to increase it but I said no for right now.  I want to wait for a month and see how I go first.  Its hard when the prescription keeps changing.  Today is a chilled out sort of day.  Moms coming over later to bring me dinner, and help me out with some house chores. I think my sisters coming too and bringing the kids with her.  My sister rang me late last night and she asked me if I wanted to go in half with her to buy tickets to take mom to see linol Richie for her birthday this year.  I jumped at the chance because I never know what to buy her and this would be a good thing.  Mom likes him and we could all go to the concert, the three of us.  It could be mom and daughter time.  The tickets were expensive though about 75 euro each.  Other than that not much to report.  Still reading my Cathy Glass book another forgotten child.  Am on chapter 11 now of the book.  Just bought a rosie lewis book on Ibooks this morning.  Its called trapped and it sounded good.  I think when I finish the Cathy Glass book I’m going to change authors and read that one on Ibooks.