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Frustrated with my weight loss

I’m just finished seeing Karen who is my nutritionist. After losing 2 pounds last week, I was thrilled, but this week, I am up a pound. It is so frustrating. I am not losing as fast as I’d like. Karen has a theory as to why. A few years ago I got my gall bladder out. Well, she says when you don’t have a gall bladder you cant break down fat, your body is able to do it properly. So she advised me to use lecitan seeds. They help break down fats. She thinks I am losing weight in some parts of my body but not around my waste. She also thinks my increased exercise is building muscle and as you know muscle weighs heavier than fat. Its just so annoying. I want it to go quicker than it is going. It is not for lack of trying. I cant try any harder, literally. We’re going to keep working weekly because I told her when I go weekly I have more motivation. Plus it is helpful for me to see someone every week. It keeps me on track and on target.

Weight loss this week

Just saw Karen the nutritionist. I had a pretty good week, both in regards to food and exercise, so I was hoping to be down a couple pounds. After four weeks of staying steady, and not losing anything, I was hoping to see some results. And I did. When she weighed me I was down by 2 pounds. I was so thrilled about that. 2 more pounds to go to be down a stone, that’s 14 pounds in total. Its great to be seeing results again. I think increasing the exercise really helped, as well as eating more fruit and vegetables. I couldn’t believe I’d lost weight, since I had my cousins 18th birthday party last Sunday and I’d eaten a slice of cake with cream and chocolate in it. Other than that though I hadn’t really had anything bad this past week. It feels good to be back on track again.

I got weighed today

Had my weigh in today with Karen our nutritionist. Its usually on Friday but I am going out of town for the weekend so we changed it to thursday for this week. Well I dont have good news unfortunately. I did not lose any weight. I stayed the exact same as I was last week, which was quite disappointing, but I do realise I cant lose every week. Karen said the fact that I am exercising means that I am building muscle and muscle is heavier than fat so it stands to reason I might weigh more or be stuck but that I should start to lose it again within a week or two. Shen encouraged me to keep exercising, drinking water, etc, and not to let this discourage me or let myself give up. She said this is not really a set back at all. That I’ve done super over the last six weeks to lose almost 10 pounds, half a pound short of 10 pounds, I now weigh 225 pounds, thats 15 stone 10 pounds in european measurements, and when I started I was 234. Karen said we’d just continue as we are and for me not to worry that I will slowly lose it and thats best in the long run. We set new goals for the next time I see her. I have to lose 2 pounds, which I am hopeful will happen. I dont see her now for two weeks because she’s on holidays. I did feel disappointed about not losing but at least I didnt gain, thats a positive.

Nutritionist appointment the update

Just got home from seeing Karen our nutritionist. And I must say I’m not a happy camper today. I was weighed and I am up 2 pounds. So not only did I not lose any weight, but I gained 2 pounds which is not good. I do know where the problem is though which is good I guess. I didn’t exercise very much this week, only managing to get up on my treadmill twice and only for 10 minutes each time. I’m determined that this week I’ll do much better. I’m going to try to achieve my goals, which are to exercise for 15 minutes every day, to drink more water, eat breakfast every day, and cut down on my intake of bread. Hopefully I’ll manage to achieve them and do better than I have been doing. Its such a battle this losing weight. We talked today about motivation, and about how I could better motivate myself. We talked about making losing weight more exciting or fun, for example collecting recipes for smoothies, or food I can make that is low fat. Also we talked about doing something rewarding for myself every day if I did good on that given day, for example, reading for half an hour, listening to my favourite music, phoning a friend etc. I said I’d leave the bigger rewards like buying myself something, or doing something like a spa day or having a facial until I actually achieved something, like losing a certain amount of weight etc etc. I almost cried when she said I’d gained 2 pounds. All of my ED thoughts and things came flooding back to me and I was reminded how much I actually do struggle with anything thats related to food. She was nice about it though she didn’t lecture me or say I did really bad. She just said that hopefully next week would be better for me and I’d fulfil my goals. I seriously hope so as I feel right now I’m wasting her time.

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