Apt with our nutritionist tomorrow

We see Karen our nutritionist tomorrow afternoon. I’m pretty apprehensive about it. I don’t know if she’s going to weigh me every week or not, but I really don’t want her to weigh me tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ve lost weight. I don’t think so. I’m nervous to have her check in case I haven’t. If I haven’t I’d be really disappointed in myself. And I think she’d probably be disappointed in me also. So I would prefer she didn’t check because then I don’t have to find out. I do need to talk to her about Emilys concerns around the food plan and around eating in general. She knows we have did, but I haven’t said to her, who inside has eating issues. I really don’t want to use our names. I prefer that she just call me Shirley and leave it go at that. Eileen says I can talk to her about it without using our names, I can say things like a certain part of me feels like…etc etc. I guess that will work. I’m just feeling very insecure about going to meet her tomorrow. But I wont cancel…I will go.
Carol anne

10 thoughts on “Apt with our nutritionist tomorrow”

  1. You know, you can refuse to be weighed. I did that when I was in the trauma unit after a horrible conversation with the dietician there. She knew I had a history of eating disorders, and this was shortly after I’d been diagnosed with UC, still trying to figure out what I could safely eat, and I’d gained a lot of weight rapidly because of the steroids…but she somehow thought it was a good idea to tell me I needed to lose weight. I walked out of that meeting and refused to be weighed after that.

    1. How horrible for you Kyra! I cannot believe some peoples nerve. The thing is part of me wants to see if I actually did lose anything, but yet another part of me is scared in case I didn’t. Its a dilemma for sure! XX

  2. Hey 🙂

    You can ask not to be weighed (I refuse to let my dr weigh me), but also, if you are ok with them knowing but you don’t want to- tell her not to tell you- that your health is about eating better, not about where the numbers go…


  3. I hope that your appointment went well, Carol Anne.

    Would like to meet some of the others, when they’re ready; Tell Alicia, Taylor, hello, and good morning (it’s morning here, so I’ll say good afternoon for you guys).

    I know that appointments are rough, and draining, so I’ll be around if you guys need to talk.

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