Saw our nutritionist

Well, I did it. I went to see Karen. I didnt cancel. I’m very proud of myself. And the best news is I lost 2 pounds…woop woop.

We talked about my lack of motivation to do exercise. We brainstormed and I decided that I am going to try and go for five days this week, with 10 minutes o walking on the treadmill, and then 5 minutes of doing exercises standing still, like lunges, stretches, etc. I think that will work.
I decided I’m going to do things like play zombie run or listen to a book, watch a tv programme or listen to music while I exercise. Then it wont seem like I’m exercising. The goal is to aim for five days this coming week. If I do it I’ll be so proud of me. Baby steps, right?

We also did a habits audit. Thats where she had a sheet with different things on it and I had to say whether I did them now, or whether they were things I could work on for the future. They were things like keeping a journal identifying my food triggers, working on not eating when your bored, not eating in front of the TV, reducing portion sizes, things like that. It was interesting. I found I had a lot of bad habits. Now its to try and break them for good.

I’m thrilled with the 2 pounds weight loss. I know its not much but to me thats huge. And although I havent been exercising nearly as much as I should have been, I worked real hard on my food and eating healthy and its paying off now, which is great news for me.

Karen gave me some ideas for recipes and she said maybe I could try one this week. I thought that was a good idea and it will be fun to. I think I’m going to make cinamon pancakes for a treat this weekend. Th littles will love doing that. We’ll all enjoy eating them πŸ™‚

Carol Anne

12 thoughts on “Saw our nutritionist”

  1. my daughter made cinnamon pancakes a bit ago…she thought she invented it! as we had never heard of it before. anyway, they are yuuuummmmy! And kudos for the 2 pounds. Just stick to only thinking of one day at a time and you’ll get there before you know it.

  2. Congrats, Carol Anne!

    I haven’t made physical exercise a priority for us (since we’ve been focusing on other things), but when I briefly tried, I did things that would appeal to the little girls so that I enlisted their help and motivation. Amy responds VERY well to rewards. So we set up a chart and after a certain amount of exercise, she would earn a reward. For the short time we did that, Amy was highly motivated to earn those rewards and so she made sure everyone did the required exercise.


    1. Oh thanks ❀ I hope I can keep going and keep losing its so hard but I am glad I did achieve a loss of 2 pounds. Xo

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