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Yay for familiarity

My regular PA returns to work tomorrow. I’m so relieved. Dont get me wrong, the PA who covered for her was very nice, and very good at her job. But I am just so used to my regular PA, I prefer her, we have so much in common, she gets me, she knows I struggle with mental illness and is ok with that. I kinda felt like I couldnt be myself around the PA who covered, I felt like I had to put up this front or something for her.
I have a lot to cram into four hours tomorrow. I have to get her to help me clean the house from top to bottom, I have go pick up my prescription, I have to do grocery shopping, get my eyebrows waxed, and hopefully fit in lunch, or at least a coffee if there is time after all that.
It will be good to catch up after 2 weeks, but really we havent been out of touch, we text each other and facebook each other all the time!

Iphone aps for the blind my recommended aps

So I have the iphone six, and I absolutely love it. My only complaint, and its my own fault not apples, is that I only got a 16 gig phone, because it was all I could afford when I bought it. And now I wish I had more space! There is never enough space!
I am a user of lots of aps. Here are some of my favourites.
KNFB reader
This is an absolutely wonderful ap! Now I can read my own mail, bills, letters, everything. And its so easy to use. Even a novice would be able to navigate this ap. The instructions you get with it are easy to follow also. Its pricy but if you want the freedom to read your own mail and things, its well worth it!
Trivia crack
This is my new addiction lol! Its a game, very like trivial pursuit. The object is to get all six crowns, by answering questions on history, art, entertainment, geography, sport, and science. If you get this ap you’ll love it. There is both a free and payed version…the payed version is about 3 dollars. Well worth it if you dont want ads. I’m already on level 20 of this game, I play it that much!
This is a really great ap for listening to podcasts. I know apple has a podcast ap, but this ap is far better, and there is more of a variety of podcasts which are searchable on it. Its a payed ap, but again, its well worth the money. There are a great many features, and its very easy to use. I give it five stars!
Dice world
This is a game, that is also really addictive. You play against other users, there are six dice games in this game to choose from, and its totally free! There is farkle, pig, and others, but those are the two games that I play. I love it and play against my facebook friends and other friends I’ve met on other email lists.
I use many other aps. Aps like skype, audible, whatsap, youtube, twitter, facebook, etc. Those are just a few aps that I really like and use every day and I’d highly recommend them to any blind user or even a sighted user too.

Feeling flat

Today I feel really bla. Just really unmotivated. Like I cant be bothered to do the things I would normally do, the enthusiasm just isnt there, its really frustrating.
I did go to the monthly book club meeting the NCBI runs, and I did enjoy it. So I guess I am not totally unmotivated. There were only a few of us who turned up for the book club, but we still had a good discussion and I hadnt read last months book, so I enjoyed the discussion of it and I am thinking it may be something that I might read in the future.
I have so many books that I need to read, both on kindle, and on audible, I just dont know how I am ever going to get to them…its so hard to make time for everything I think. I should stop buying books until I’ve read the ones I have first.
I was meant to have therapy today, but I didnt go. I woke up just feeling so moody, and irritated, and just, I didnt want to deal with having to open up in therapy, talk about stuff, and so I canceled.
I’m supposed to see my psychiatrist Dr. Barry tomorrow, but I am canceling the appointment too. I have a workshop that I need to attend on self advocacy, and I dont want to miss that. I will see Dr. Barry next week, so not going for one week wont make any difference really.

Fighting for my rights

so i have a lady who is my home help. she helps me to cook. i get an hour a day, five days a week. well my home help is going into hospital for surgery. she’s taking 3 weeks off work. i am automatically meant to get cover. but i had to literally beg for it. you would not believe how hard it was to obtain cover and to actually get it. the home help office just did not want to give it to me. eventually, after i rang and fought my case, they gave me 35 minutes a day excluding thursdays. i suppose its better than nothing, but why do people with disabilities have to fight for everything? why is it so hard to get help so i can live independently? why do i have to fight for a basic right? it drives me completely nuts. so not only do i have to contend with the stress of someone new coming in, someone who i dont know, but before they even come at all i have had to fight to get cover. the lady in the home help office was all like, your family need to step in. excuse me? my grandfather is dying, my uncle is recovering from a stroke, both my mom and dad have other commitments, i am not their only priority. but she didnt understand that at all.

Sunday updates

Well there isnt much up with me today. we had a pretty rough night last night, and we didnt sleep very well at all. woke up at 4 AM, went to the bathroom, and was going to get up then but decided I’d try to go back to bed and sleep for a little bit longer. I did finally manage a little more sleep and eventually got up at 8 when Nitro was starting to get restless, probably he was hungry for his breakfast. actually managed to eat breakfast which i’ve been trying to do lately but I havent been succeeding every day. caught up on email then and read some on facebook. i was reading facebook on my iphone but it seems the newsfeed is all messed up, with the newest stories not appearing first, does anyone know a way to make the stories on your time line appear in the order in which they were posted? after I finished reading facebook mom put a color in my hair. i had lots of greys and they needed to be covered up. now my hair looks really rich again. i’m really pleased with how it came out. dad was cooking dinner while we did that. we had pork today. dad always cooks dinner on sundays. we’ve just finished eating it now and it was so good. no plans for the rest of the afternoon. dads going to the hospital to visit his brother, whose still in there. he’s there almost 9 weeks now. our grandad is also not doing very well. we all think it wont be too long now and he’ll die. he’s getting worse and worse every day. i was talking to dr barry the other day and she asked me if he’d started to get confused yet. he has. she said once the confusion sets in that the end is very near. i’ll probably stay at our parents again tonight and go home tomorrow morning. i stayed last night too. emotionally i’m feeling mostly ok today. it seems to be at night my emotions get the better of me and i fall apart. if i keep distracted during the day i tend to do better.