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Just for fun, meme

Who was the last person of the opposite sex you laid in a bed with?

Wow its been so long that I cant remember!

Where was the last place you went out to eat?

On Saturday I went to a local coffee place that sells wraps and sandwiches as well as coffee, tea and cold drinks. I had a chicken and cheese rap with chill i sauce on it.

What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?

White wine. A lot of it lol.

Which do you prefer – eyes or lips?

Lips. Especially my partners.

Medicine, fine arts, or law?

Medicine. I think it would be interesting to study it.

Best kind of pizza?

The inferno from four star pizza, or the mexican one from dominos.

Is your bedroom window open?

No. I have a house alarm so all my windows have to be closed when its turned on.

What is in store for your future?

Well in sept am starting college. Before that will just enjoy my summer.

Who was the last band you saw live?

Lionel richie. I just saw him yesterday.

Do you take care of your friends while they are sick?

Not usually. But if I could I would.

Any historical figures that you envy?

No not really. Cant think of one.

How many songs are on your iTunes?

Thousands. I’m currently in the process of ripping my entire music collection.

What brand of digital camera do you own?

A canonn. I love my camera.

When was the last time you got a good workout?

Well at the gym it was a few months ago. But I’m trying to do something about that by exercising more.
what store do you go to first?

I enjoy food shopping, or shopping for cds, dvds, etc. I dont really enjoy clothes shopping.

Are you a quitter?

No. I believe you should keep on trying even when things arent looking so positive.

What are two bands or singers that you will always love?

Pink and sarah bareilles

What of the seven deadly sins are you guilty of?


20. Did you just have to Google the seven deadly sins to see what they were?

Yes! lol.


going down down
emotions whirling
a cloud of blackness
a sinking feeling
that turns to numbness, nothingness
depression claws
at my being
engulfs me
i try to put on a mask
but everyone can see
people stare
its not their reality
they go on with life
oblivious to the blackness that surrounds me
and i try to carry on
act happy
while my world crumbles

odds and ends

Today was not very productive. I did not go to bed until about 5 AM so I got up late. I did some house work and saw to Nitro and just lazed around at home for most of the day. My mom was having a bbq in her back yard but I never ended up going to it. My home help came and we cooked some food and in the afternoon I took a long nap. The tiredness from last weekend finally caught up with me. Tonight there was a mass of rememberance for my grandad. After the mass was finished my aunt came back to my moms house and so did I. We just chatted and drank tea and it was nice to catch up. My aunt had unfriended me on facebook because I kept tagging her in things to do with the family and she didnt want me doing that, but last night she added me back on fb but she told me to not tag her in future. She’s kinda weird about people on her friends list knowing things like where she is or what she’s doing and stuff. Tomorrow morning I’m having CCTV installed in my house. The guy for installing it is coming at 10 so I’ll have to be back at my own house by then. He said it would take four to five hours to install it. I think it will be good to have the CCTV, it will allow us to feel safer in our home. The rest of this week I am busy with appointments and on Thursday I am going out for a day outing with the people from the basement club, we’re going to Cobh which is a town outside the city. We’ll have a meal and do some shopping and stuff. I see Dr Barry tomorrow and on Thursday I have an appointment with my OT Mark and on Friday I see the nutritionist. I havent seen the nutritionist in a whole month. So its all go for the rest of this week.