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Back to the nutritionist tomorrow

So after a two week break its back to our nutritionist tomorrow. She was on vacation last week thats why we didnt go. I’m nervous about going. I did mostly ok for the last two weeks. I did have a couple of things I shouldnt have, like for example when I went on vacation I aate some unhealthy stuff but I didnt go overboard. The good part of it is that my vacation was at the start of the two week break. So I had pretty much the whole rest of the time to get back on track. And I mostly did good. I did have some cookies the other day and a chocolate dessert and a couple bags of chips like 2 or 3 in the two weeks. Other than that though I’ve been good. I am still drinking lots of water and trying to eat more vegetables. I am definitely eating a lot more fruit too which is good. Exercise is still problematic for me though. I’m not good at sticking to doing it. I hope to be down some weight tomorrow. I’m not going in with expectations though. I just am hopeful that I did enough and it will pay off.

Update 08-18-2015

I got up early this morning despite having gone to bed kind of late. It was about 11:30 when I got into bed. Unfortunately I woke several times during the night. Its a pattern now and I cant seem to break it. Its so frustrating as I feel like I havent really slept then. When I got up I made coffee and did my email, and caught up n some blog posts. I’m way behind on peoples blogs though. I’m at least a couple of weeks behind. My PA was coming at 9 AM. She called at 8:30 to say she’d be a few minutes late because she had to drop her kids off at her moms house. When she got here we sat and ate breakfast together. I had a yogurt and some toast. Over the weekend I got a little off track with my weight loss plan but I’ve gotten back on track now again. When I came home I weighed myself and the scales said I’d gone up a pound, and this morning I weighed myself again and it said I’d lost it so I was happy. After breakfast we sat chatting for a while and browsing on facebook. We both have I phones and we’re both on facebook. Then she did my vacuming and made my bed and did my ironing. I turned on my tv, something I rarely do during the day and watched the simpsons and come dine with me. Then I realised I’d forgotten to take out my meat so I took my chicken out and defrosted it in the microwave. It was my first time defrosting meat in the microwave. I hope I’ve done it right. Its 1 PM now and my PA has just left. My home help will be here in half an hour to help me cook some food. I’m going to cook sweet and sour chicken with rice. Yesterday I read a post on facebook from a blind person named Jessica who lives near me, she writes a blog and was asking if anyone would like to be interviewed for her blog. I told her I had did and ptsd as well as my blindness and I’d like to do an interview for her blog. She is currently researching did and said she’d write me with a list of some questions I could answer. Then this morning another person messaged me and asked me if I’d like to be part of their podcast which deals with accessibility and disability. I said yes I would. They said they’d been reading my blog and found it to be fascinating and would like to talk to me. So its nice to be gaining readers and putting myself out there and being featured on blogs and podcasts. Not doing much for the rest of today after my home help leaves. Will probably read and watch tv and text my friends and catch up on more blog posts.

31 days of lists challenge, day 3

Day 3: Activities I’d do if I was brave

1 Skydive
2 Go on tv and talk about my mental illness namely the did
3 Bungee jump
4 Do an interview with someone about my struggles with my weight
5 Stand in the same room as a wasp and not run for my life when it buzzed around me

I got weighed today

Had my weigh in today with Karen our nutritionist. Its usually on Friday but I am going out of town for the weekend so we changed it to thursday for this week. Well I dont have good news unfortunately. I did not lose any weight. I stayed the exact same as I was last week, which was quite disappointing, but I do realise I cant lose every week. Karen said the fact that I am exercising means that I am building muscle and muscle is heavier than fat so it stands to reason I might weigh more or be stuck but that I should start to lose it again within a week or two. Shen encouraged me to keep exercising, drinking water, etc, and not to let this discourage me or let myself give up. She said this is not really a set back at all. That I’ve done super over the last six weeks to lose almost 10 pounds, half a pound short of 10 pounds, I now weigh 225 pounds, thats 15 stone 10 pounds in european measurements, and when I started I was 234. Karen said we’d just continue as we are and for me not to worry that I will slowly lose it and thats best in the long run. We set new goals for the next time I see her. I have to lose 2 pounds, which I am hopeful will happen. I dont see her now for two weeks because she’s on holidays. I did feel disappointed about not losing but at least I didnt gain, thats a positive.

Weigh in week four

Today I saw Karen O my nutritionist. It is week four of my weight loss programme. She weighed me and I was down 2 pounds. I was thrilled. Thats a weight loss of 9 pounds in the four weeks of doing the programme. 9 pounds is a slow and steady weight loss and I am very happy with my progress. So was Karen and she said slow and steady is the way to do it, that I’ll keep it off if I do it slowly and over time. I actually reached my target goal of losing 2 pounds this week. For the past 2 weeks previous to this I only lost 1.5 pounds so it was nice to reach my goal of 2 pounds this week. Next week I’ll be seeing her on Thursday instead of on Friday because I’m going away for a couple of days on the Friday. We set another goal for next week that I’d lose 1 to 2 pounds preferably 2, but if I only lose a pound thats ok too. I said I was going to reward myself on the weight loss by going to the movies. We’ve been wanting to see inside out for a while now so nows as good a time as any to go see it. Karen also told me that when I go away for the few days that its ok to treat myself to an icecream or two because I’ll be doing a lot of walking. I also made a goal this week that I’d try to go outdoors walking more rather than just staying inside and working on my treadmill. The main thing is though that I’m losing the weight and all my hard work is paying off. I’m very proud of me and of everyone inside with me for sticking with it and doing what I tell them to do and even helping me out sometimes too. Thanks everyone and keep it up.