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Struggling with my weight

saw the nutritionist today. She weighed me. i’m stuck at the same weight now for the past 2 weeks. I cant believe it. I’ve been working so very hard. Eating right. Exercising. Doing all the right things. And this week I didnt lose a pound. Its so disheartening. It makes me want to bawl. I’m so very disappointed. It is so very hard to do this weight loss programme. It triggers all sorts of things around food, eating, and it also triggers tons of emotional reactions. The nutritionist said I am doing great. Keep it up and dont lose hope that next week I may see good results, that sometimes it takes a week or two of staying stuck before your metabolism moves again and you start to lose. She was also saying I am building muscle. That doesnt help me. Right now I dont care I just want to see the result on the scales. I feel like crying. I dont know what I need to do because I’ve been good with my food and exercise so what more can I do? Increase my exercise? I’ve been doing 15 to 20 minutes on the treadmill most days. Just feeling irritated and disheartened about it. I kind of feel like quitting but I know thats just my irrational brain talking. It would be terrible if I quit now and undid all my hard work. At least I didnt go up in weight…thats one positive.

So I had my weigh in today

So I got weighed today, And I got a great result. I was down 1.5 pounds. Considering I was on vacation and had a couple of treats, I think thats brilliant. Now I just need to motivate myself to exercise more. I think if I exercise more I will see even better results. She measured my waste too. I am down 3 CM since I started. That is 1.5 inches. She told me that one inch is a dress size. So another half an inch and I’ll be down 2 dress sizes! Yay so proud and happy. We set some new goals. I decided for the next six weeks I’d work on my exercise, and hopefully up it and really start getting into it. I’m doing ok with both food and my water intake. I dont think I need much guidance there. I joked with Karen that I could probably teach her group for her, she runs a group each friday for people who are losing weight. I prefer individual sessions though. Not sure I’d feel comfortable in a group setting. Overall though I am happy and very pleased with my results.

Back to the nutritionist tomorrow

So after a two week break its back to our nutritionist tomorrow. She was on vacation last week thats why we didnt go. I’m nervous about going. I did mostly ok for the last two weeks. I did have a couple of things I shouldnt have, like for example when I went on vacation I aate some unhealthy stuff but I didnt go overboard. The good part of it is that my vacation was at the start of the two week break. So I had pretty much the whole rest of the time to get back on track. And I mostly did good. I did have some cookies the other day and a chocolate dessert and a couple bags of chips like 2 or 3 in the two weeks. Other than that though I’ve been good. I am still drinking lots of water and trying to eat more vegetables. I am definitely eating a lot more fruit too which is good. Exercise is still problematic for me though. I’m not good at sticking to doing it. I hope to be down some weight tomorrow. I’m not going in with expectations though. I just am hopeful that I did enough and it will pay off.

Weigh in week four

Today I saw Karen O my nutritionist. It is week four of my weight loss programme. She weighed me and I was down 2 pounds. I was thrilled. Thats a weight loss of 9 pounds in the four weeks of doing the programme. 9 pounds is a slow and steady weight loss and I am very happy with my progress. So was Karen and she said slow and steady is the way to do it, that I’ll keep it off if I do it slowly and over time. I actually reached my target goal of losing 2 pounds this week. For the past 2 weeks previous to this I only lost 1.5 pounds so it was nice to reach my goal of 2 pounds this week. Next week I’ll be seeing her on Thursday instead of on Friday because I’m going away for a couple of days on the Friday. We set another goal for next week that I’d lose 1 to 2 pounds preferably 2, but if I only lose a pound thats ok too. I said I was going to reward myself on the weight loss by going to the movies. We’ve been wanting to see inside out for a while now so nows as good a time as any to go see it. Karen also told me that when I go away for the few days that its ok to treat myself to an icecream or two because I’ll be doing a lot of walking. I also made a goal this week that I’d try to go outdoors walking more rather than just staying inside and working on my treadmill. The main thing is though that I’m losing the weight and all my hard work is paying off. I’m very proud of me and of everyone inside with me for sticking with it and doing what I tell them to do and even helping me out sometimes too. Thanks everyone and keep it up.

early morning ramble

i woke at 5 AM. i tossed and turned for a couple minutes then I was like fuck it and I got up. I ate an apple and drank some water and then read facebook for a while. I hate it when I am awake in the middle of the night. I only went to bed at midnight so I dont know why I woke up as I was tired. After reading fb I came and made some coffee and started checking email. Its only 6 30 now. The morning is gonna drag now that I am up, I just know it. I dont have a lot of things planned for today. I’m debating whether I’ll go to the basement club or not. Part of me wants to go but part of me doesnt want to deal with people. I’m also quite anxious this morning. I know drinking coffee wont help my anxiety but I am not sure what else to do. Eileens vacation is getting closer and we’re finding that tough. The littles are panicking and lexi just wrote her an email. On a positive note though my weight loss is coming along nicely. I had a treat on Saturday of a smoothie and then on Saturday night my uncle brought some take out food in with him when he came from the pub and I ate a little piece of breaded fish. It was only a small bit so I am not worried that it did any damage. Other than that I havent had anything bad and I’m drinking lots of sparkling water this week.