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Weekend away

I’m in Dublin for the weekend visiting a friend. This friend is blind and he has a guide dog like I do. So far its been a nice weekend. I went yesterday morning and I’ll be coming home tomorrow. I thought I might not be able to sleep last night, because I was in a strange place, but I was able to sleep just fine. I’m glad about that, its a relief. The dogs are having great fun together. My friends dog is really hyper. He’s a labrador like Nitro is, but he’s about a year younger than nitro and you can definitely tell. I dont really have plans for the rest of the weekend, I’m just going to chill out. Enjoy the good weather we’re having. I need a break from my head.
Carol anne


This weekend has been good, despite what happened on Friday where that meeting between dr Barry, Dr L and Eileen didnt go ahead. We’ve stayed in our parents this weekend. We’ll probably stay until tomorrow morning. We have an apt with doctor Barry tomorrow morning, so we’ll probably go home after it.

On Friday night we had a couple of drinks to celebrate moms birthday. During the day on friday, we went to a local garden centre for a spot of lunch. It was really nice. The sun shone and it was an absolutely gorgeous day and we that me us, mom, our lil sis and her kids, and our two aunts went and ate and talked and drank champaigne and it was just an all round good day.

As I said on Friday evening we all had a few drinks. I drank a whole bottle of wine, but luckily I didnt have any hang over on Saturday morning. I think that is because I got enough sleep and so no headache ensued. We didnt get to bed until 3 AM by the time my sis left with her boyfriend. Everyone else went home at around 12 30.

Yesterday we went to a festival. It was a local festival. There was music, stalls, food, face painting for the kids, puppet shows, an animal fair, it was just brilliant. We had lots of fun and our grandad even came out for an hour, and that is rare because he’s so scared to leave his house. But he came and I think he enjoyed himself. he bought us all ice cream. There was us, our mom, our aunt, our lil sis and her kids, and our cousin Nicole who is lil sis’s age.

So today is rest day. Chill out day. We wont do much except maybe walk Nitro. Dads cooking as he always does on Sunday. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too.
Carol anne

Well another beautiful day outside, yay

Its absolutely glorious outside today. Its in the mid 20’s and I am loving it. As for poor Nitro, he is not loving it. What I am thinking is, how glad I am that I we are not in the hospital on a day like today. I chose well when I chose to ask the consultant on Friday to allow us to go home. Otherwise not only would I have missed the BBQ we had on Friday afternoon in the back garden, but I’d also have missed visiting my grandad today for fathers day, and giving our dad his gift and card. Even though I have a turbulent relationship sometimes with our dad, I do love him. He has a lot of his own issues to deal with and last night I had a long conversation with our mom about our dad. She said he deals with things in his own way, and mainly the only person he is harming is himself. That is not completely true, but I cant force mom to believe that his actions harm not only him, but us and her too sometimes. For all our dads faults though he does have some endearing qualities. Every sunday he cooks dinner, so our mom doesnt have too do it. In fact most days, he cooks for our mom. He looks after our dog when we’re ill, and he looks after our sisters dogs when she goes away, like she has done this weekend. He has a great sense of humour. He works hard to keep the place clean and he does love us its just sometimes he has outbursts of anger and he is unable to control himself. It is sad really for him. I think deep down he does want to control his anger but he just cant. I know for us and him, nowadays, we dont argue as much as we used too in the past number of years. When we do argue they are usually big arguments, but they usually blow over and we all apologise and things go back to normal. Yes its probably disfunctional, but then what family isnt a little disfunctional?
Carol anne

Quiet weekend

This is gonna be a quiet weekend I think. We’re at mom and dads. We werent gonna go to our parents at all, but last night our mom asked us if we’d come to their house and spend the weekend. I said ok I would, on one condition. That was, that our dad wouldnt yell at us or argue with us. She said she’d make sure that he wouldnt. And so far so good. We were going to visit our grandad today but its too wet outside. Not sure if our lil sis is coming over with the kids or not. We’re staying here until Monday morning. On Monday we see doctor Barry and then after that we’ll go home. We have to get the second dose of our injection on Monday morning. We’re still in the trial stages of that. The first 3 doses are trial doses. Other than that not much to report. Had a peaceful nights sleep last night. Now we’re on two sleep meds, we take zimovane 7.5 mg, and phenergan 25 mg. Still have a bit to process from therapy on Thursday night but still thinking it over so will write a post on that later today.
Carol anne