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it turned into a busy Saturday

> Well my day got very busy. i got up at 6 even though i’d set my alarm to go off between 7 30 and 8 AM. I got the sleep cycle alarm clock last night and started using it and I love it. Its a really useful ap. I only payed 99 cent for it too which was nice. Its totally accessible too which I like. Anyway. My PA came at 9 AM and we cleaned my house. She washed my dishes which she didnt have to do so that was nice. She vacumed and put my washing on and hung out my wet washing to dry. She took out my rubbish and cleaned my work surfaces and stuff too which I was happy about. At 10 aM we walked for 2 miles to the local grocery store, it took us half an hour to walk 2 miles. I was exhausted when we got there but at least i got my exercise in for the day. We had breakfast in the restaurant at the store. I had toast and some sausages and a mug of hot tea. After we ate we went to the grocery part because I needed some stuff. I didnt need much but I did buy sparkling water, 8 bottles of it, 2 litre bottles. I also got honeydew melon, bllueberries, crisp breads, cream cheese which was low fat, and cashu nuts unsalted ones. We got a taxi home because there is no way we could have carried all that stuff. When we got home and packed the stuff away my PA did my ironing which there was quite a lot of. Then it was time to go to our parents and she dropped me off there. I had lunch of cream cheese on crisp breads and some melon. Now I’m just catching up on my email and texting with friends and blogging. I’m going to have a prertty chilled out evening, I dont have any plans. I like when I can relax though too, thats always nice. My sister wont be coming to our moms today or tomorrow because she’s going out with friends and also with her partners sister..they’re going to take their kids some places. So its just us and our parents and the dogs. Hope your all having a great Saturday. > carol anne


Saturday wasn’t great.  It wasn’t bad but it was just average.  I had been at our parents house.  I had stayed on Friday and my plan was to stay until Monday.  Then this morning I heard on the radio that the weather was supposed to get really bad with temps of minus five C tonight so I decided I’d go home and turn on my heat, so the house wouldn’t flood.  Mom decided this morning that we’d go to my house, drop Nitro off there, do a few bits around the house and then after we finished go visit our granddad.  We got a taxi to my house and did what we had to do.  I went to use my desktop when my mom was doing the laundry and I accidentally hit mute for my speech synthesizer so now it wont work.  We tried to fix it but my moms not very good at computers so she wasn’t sure what to do. Its ok though my lil sister will fix it probably tomorrow or if not then during the week.  After all that we decided to walk from my house to our granddads.  I’ve been really trying to get into walking, I walked yesterday for 30 minutes, and todays walk to our granddads was about 30 minutes too.  It nearly killed me though!  By the time I was done my back was killing me.  When we got to our granddads he was up, sitting and watching tv.  We bought lunch and ate it and just chatted with our granddad for a while.  I think we stayed about 2 hours in total.  Then I dropped mom home and went home myself.  Didnt do much for the rest of the evening, just chilled out in front of the tv.  Am starting a new book tomorrow called another forgotten child by Cathy glass.  Cant wait to start it as I love all of her books.

Carol anne

walking group

so yesterday I went out to meet the walking group I decided to join. this is a group of visually impaired people, and we are paired up with sighted guides. so we went for a walk that lasted an hour. then afterwords we went back to a lovely restaurant for dinner. it was so lovely. I really enjoyed the walk and so did nitro. nitro actually had two walks yesterday as our dad took him out for 40 mins yesterday morning also. so when I got back to our parents he slept like a log because he was sooo exhausted. the fresh air did me the world of good I think. and my sighted guide she was lovely. we chatted a lot during the walk about all sorts of things. about books and tv and xmas and our families and all sorts of random stuff. the walking group only meets once a month, I wish we could meet more but i’ll take what I can get. I had a lovely meat feast pizza for dinner. it was huge. I didn’t finish it. I am looking forward to next months walk already :d.
carol anne

Update 07-11-2014

I started my voluntary position yesterday. I’m volunteering at the basement resource centre, the local drop in centre i go to for people who have mental health difficulties. I got on fine. I really enjoyed the two hours that i did. My job was to answer the phone, the door, and also to enter in some data into a spreadsheet. I was pretty nervous about doing the spreadsheet work as i don’t have much experience of using excel. But i did fine. I got all the work done in one hour. So then i just spent the second hour answering the phone and the door. Overall i was really happy with my first day though.

Im looking forward to the weekend. I joined a walking group for visually impaired people. Basically what it is is that we go for a walk, and each of us has a sighted guide, and then after we’re done with the walk we go for something to eat. Its nice just to be able to socialise with like minded people and also with other visually impaired people. I hope the weather will be good for us tomorrow but i think it probably wont because i watched the forecast and it said rain and more rain.

I got a call today from the nutritionist on dr barrys team. Her name is Karen. However i missed her call. I rang her bak but she never picked up. I’m hoping she was calling me to arrange an appointment. Since emilys been struggling so much lately, it would be nice to see someone and try to get that under control. There was a long waiting list to see Karen, but dr barry put in a word at last weeks team meeting to push things along, and it looks like now that it has worked. I’m hoping she’ll get back to me on Monday with good news.

Well thats all the updates from here. I hope your all doing well, or as well as you can be this week.

Carol anne