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OT appointment

later this morning, well in four hours, i have an apt with Mark my OT. its been a month since we’ve met. i had some goals to work on but i didnt meet very many of them. i did talk to mark over the phone a few times and he said it was ok, that if i didnt manage to meet them it was fine. so why do i feel so bad, guilty, and frustrated? i guess i dont want to disappoint him or let him down. he thinks of me as someone whose highly motivated, who does what he asks of me. i did have a lot going on these past few weeks, and he knows that so i’m sure he’ll understand. still i feel guilty and like i need to be punished. it really makes no sense to me but nothing about my feelings makes sense to me. one of my goals was to get info on volunteer work, and i did achieve that one. i rang the national council for the blind and they sent me the application form. i am going to bring it with me today and we can look at it and mark did say that he’d help me fill it out, but we probably arent going to do it this morning. one of the other goals i had was to go to the gym more often, but i didnt do that one. i’ve kinda neglected the gym. i think i’m going to ask mark if we can just focus on the volunteer work for now as a main goal. i’d like to be volunteering somewhere for the summer months. i should be in bed asleep but as usual i’m awake. too much coffee in my bloodstream, lol.

Appointment with our OT, basement club news, and our grandad

Saw Mark our occupational therapist this morning. It went really well. We finished off doing up the interest list. Its weird, I didn’t realise I had so many interests until I started doing that list. I ticked things on every page I think. The only category where I had no interests was outdoorsy stuff, like for instance, camping, fishing, etc. We are going to meet in two weeks and start making plans. We’re also going to do some goal setting. Mark is going to make a list of all the interests, and across the top of the page he’ll put short term, medium and long term goals and we’re going to work from there on setting goals. He uses the smart principles of goal setting. He did tell me what they were but I cant remember now. But I am sure if you google smart goal principles it will come up. He told me that we didn’t need to work on confidence building, or on getting me motivated, since I take initiative, and I am already a highly motivated person so it was pointless to do that. It was a great appointment though. Now I am at the basement centre. Just met with my mentor Colette and we had a supervision meeting. She is my supervisor for the voluntary work I am doing here at the basement club. We had to talk about my work because one of the other members had been helping me with some of my work, but now she’s in hospital so she’s unable to keep doing it. So Colette told me to take the day off today and next Thursday at the members meeting I can ask if there is another member who can support me so that I am able to keep doing the work. I’m glad to have the day off. My friend Rose is coming in and I want to catch up and spend some time with her and now I’ll be able to do that. Me and Colette arranged to meet for mentoring next Tuesday morning. I want her to help me to get some voluntary work outside of the work I am already doing. I’m not sure yet what I want to do exactly but I intend to go on the website for the irish voluntary centre and look around. Colette said she’s go with me and we could drop in to the centre and talk to them some time over the next few weeks. Also our grandad is in hospital. He was admitted last night. He had a doctors appointment yesterday about his kidneys. When she ran tests it turned out his kidneys were only functioning at 6 percent, so they admitted him to hospital. His bloods are really low too. He just is not well and needed medical intervention. I hope he’ll be ok but I’m actually worried that he wont. He’s become really frail over the last weeks. I think he’s nearing the end of his life.

Carol anne

volunteering and our occupational therapy appointment

This morning i went to the basement club, the drop in centre that i go to sometimes, that is for people with mental health difficulties. I had to go because i was doing some training so that i could help out with the administration. Once i did the training, i would be eligible to do some volunteer work. The training lasted for two hours. In that two hours we learned things like what to do when taking calls and messages, how to enter data from the sign in sheets, and answering the buzzer on the door. It was kinda basic but all practical things that you need to know. At the end of it i sorted out my time slot and i’m starting my voluntary work this coming Thursday for two hours, and it will be every Thursday after that from 12 until 2 for 8 weeks. After the 8 weeks is up, i can stop volunteering, or if i want to i can do it for longer than the allotted 8 weeks. I’m really looking forward to starting. I think it will be great experience and i’ll be able to put it on my cv and also to get a reference once i’ve finished.

After i finished the training i had to rush off because i had an appointment with mark, our occupational therapist at 1:45 PM. That went really well. We’ve been working with mark over the phone, and today was the first time in months that we actually met up. I decided i wanted to meet him because i felt it would be better to do the work we had to do face to face. Today we looked at other voluntary positions that i might be able to apply for. I decided on applying to volunteer to work with the irish guide dogs. That organisation is close to my heart, since I had nitro. So we looked at their website and Mark read through the positions available. I decided i’d apply to do either fundraising administration or client services administration. The rest of the positions didn’t really suit me. There was puppy walking, gardening driving and maintenance, and regular fundraising. So we decided that i’d fill out the application, but instead of doing that i rang them when I got home. The receptionist told me to send her an email outlining what I was applying for and one of the team would get back to me.

Mark and I also worked on filling out an interest checklist. I had specified that I wanted to do some activities, leisure activities, such as joining the gym, doing singing lessons etc. We only got the first page of the interest list filled out today. And I never realised I had so many interests. What I really want to do is get fit, and singing lessons, and maybe something creative like art or creative writing. So mark said he’d contact the local gym, and price membership, and see what assistance they could give me. I also wanted to try tandem cycling since I’d done it years ago and really liked it. So i said I’d ring the national council for the blind, to see if they had any names of pilots who would help me to go out cycling as obviously I’d need someone to be my co-pilot. We didn’t work on the creative writing or art today because we said we had enough covered for one day. But mark is going to call the school of music about the singing lessons, i really hope i can do them. I love singing and i used to be in stage school for years and i know i’d really enjoy it.

So all in all it was a good appointment with mark, and we’re meeting again on the 18th of this month, but he’s going to phone me next week with any updates and if I have any i’ll call him. Things are really starting to look up and i am going to be busy over the next months so no time to dwell or be down, its all go go go.
Carol anne