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Migraine headaches

Does anyone have any experiences of having bad migraines? What do you do when you get them? Are you on medication for them, or do you use other remedies to cope with them?
I get a lot of headaches. They are really bad sometimes. I dont eat a lot of chocolate. I do drink a lot of coffee though. I used to get really bad headaches when I was younger, but then they went away for a few years. Now they’re back, again.
I went to a migraine specialist a few years ago. It looks like I may have to go back to him again if I cant get them under control. I took imigran for a while. It kinda helped. Its a preventer medication for migraines.
I hope I can get them under control because they can be quite debilitating, and I hate having to spend hours laying in complete darkness, or with the curtains closed and lights out.

KNFB reader

I recently purchased the KNFB reader ap for my I phone. I love it. It makes reading so much easier. And it really works. I payed 100 euros for it but it was really the best hundred euro I ever spent. Last night I tried it out and I was able to read all of my mail hassle free. I was even able to read the label on my cerial box. It really is brilliant. Has anyone gotten it or used it? If you have what do you think? Were you impressed? Did it live up to your expectations? Are you glad you bought it?

Its the weekend, and an update

Well I havent written anything here in a while. Over a month I think.
I’m going to start writing more often.
My P.A came this morning. She’s only been my P.A a little over a month. She’s really nice. I get along with her really well. We’re close in age and I think that helps.
This morning we did stuff around the house, then we decided to go out for breakfast at the local shopping mall. We had a lovely cooked breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausage and toast. We were both starving and it was nice.
After breakfast we did my grocery shopping. I didnt have to get a lot so it didnt take too long. I didnt take Nitro to the store today. I decided I didnt need to work him as my P.A would be with me. We saw people collecting for the autism assistance dogs while we were out.
I bought a gorgeous cheese cake, a strawberry one and I took it to my parents house because I am staying here tonight.
I’m kinda nervous because in two weeks time I’ll have to take cover, as my P.A has her sons communion to go to and the week after its her nephhews communion and she has to go as she’s his god mother. I always get nervous meeting new people. It raises my anxiety a lot. I think its the fact that the new P.A will only be coming for two saturdays, and its just having to meet and work with a new person. I’m sure it will be fine though and I’m worrying for nothing.
Cant wait to watch britains got talent tonight. Its the new season and I love shows like that. Am really looking forward to sitting down with a pizza and a bottle of wine to watch it.

Updating as I hadnt written in a while…

I havent written anything here in a while so I thought its time I tried.

So far this weeks been pretty good. I had a doctors appointment yesterday which went really well. My diabetes was reviewed and it turns out its pretty well controlled…my blood sugars over the last 3 months have been great. I also got an ECG and that was fine, my feet were fine too. I’m still struggling with my weight and trying to lose it. I see my nutritionist tomorrow for my weekly weigh in and appointment.

Nitro is having his teeth cleaned on Tuesday. Nitro is my guide dog. I have to have him at the vet for 9 AM. He’s going under general anastethic to have them cleaned. I’m not looking forward to that. Am pretty nervous actually about it.

No plans really for the upcoming weekend. Will hopefully just have a chilled out one. Do need to do my grocery shopping on Saturday and my moms going to help me do that.

Mothers day is in march and me and my lil sister are taking mom out for a meal and both putting money together to buy her some flowers. We were going to just get one card between us but then we both decided to get her a card each. She knows about the meal but she doesnt know anything about the flowers and we were thinking we may each give her a little gift too.

Well thats it from here. Will write again soon.