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Our vacation in Killarney day two

We had a great day yesterday.  We went to kenedys pet farm. OH MY GOD it was cool. So many animals. I got to pet goats, sheep pigs, puppies, kittens, and deer.  The kids had a ball too.  The animals kept trying to steal our foo which was really funny.  We took lots of pics and I even got a video of the pig snoring her head off.  The pigs names were babe and beauty.  Babe was only 9 weeks old.  Theree were also puppies which were only six weeks old.  they were gorgeous.  I had fun snuggling one of them.  I also got to hold a kitty.  Can you believe I’ve never held a kitten?  Or felt a pig?  We spent the entire day at the pet farm.  Then we came home and my sister took the kids swimming.  Me and mom went to the bar and sat chatting and mom had a drink but I didnt.  Then when my sister came back we ordered dinner.  I was good and got mostly healthy food but I did get potato skins loaded with bacon and cheese.  I must say they were delicious.  My sister got buffalo wings which were very hot.  After dinner I was tired so decided to go back to my room for the rest of the evening.  My sister took the kids to play crazy golf and then they went to watch a movie in the kids play area.  It was a great day.  Today we’re meant to be going to a wildlife sanctuary but its raining so I am not sure we’ll get there.  If the rain holds off we will but if it doesnt our plans will have to change.  We’re about to go eat breakfast now.  We have to be out of the hotel rooms by midday.  

Part way through our vacation now having a ball

So I went out of town yesterday. To a nearby town about 90 mins from where I live. My mom, sister and the two kids are with me. My sister also brought another child, her kids cousin on their dads side. We’re having a blast. We stopped off on the way for some lunch. I was really good at lunch time, I just had a turkey and stuffing sandwich, and a cup of hot tea. I really wanted to get what my sister got, which was a hot chicken roll, with chicken, cheese, lettuce, and garlic mayo on it. But now I’m glad I didnt because the dinner last night was huge and I know I’ve probably put on a little weight from it. When we got to the hotel we checked in and looked around. The hotel is beautiful and really family friendly. They have everything here. We decided to go swimming in the hotel pool. I can swim but I didnt really swim instead I went in the hot tub for half an hour. That was bliss. After swimming we went to the bar so my mom and my sis could have a drink before dinner. I wasnt drinking, instead I had sparkling water with lemon in it. My mom and sister and the kids were able to get their meal without paying because it was part of the deal they got. I had to pay for mine but for 22.50 I got a 3 course meal of a starter main and dessert. The meal was scrumptious. For starters I had cream of vegetable soup, then for my main I had turkey and ham with mashed potatos, egetables, and stuffing. And then I treated myself to a dessert of a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. After dinner the kids went to the indoor play area that is in the hotel, and mom and me stayed in the bar chatting and drinking our drinks. Then after that my sister took the kids to the play area thats outside, there are swings slides and climbing equipment. We stayed in the bar for a while longer and then I decided to go upstairs and chill out since I wasnt drinking. I skyped with my friend sarah for a while but skype kept disconnecting and we were having trouble hearing one another which was annoying. It was after 1 AM before I finally slept. And when I did I didnt sleep too good, tossed and turned all night and was up twice to pee lol. Woke at 7 when mom texted me to ask if I was up. Then mom came in and helped me get ready to shower and made me a cup of tea. She’s so sweet. I’m showered now and I feel much better, more awake. Today saturday we are going to a pet farm. Cant wait for that and to see all the animals because I heard you can pet them ande touch them which will be good. We’ll probably spend the entire day there and eat lunch there too. Its so nice to get a break away. I’m loving it.

1st August update

The last couple of days have been quite busy. On Thursday I saw Mark my OT…then in the afternoon I went to a talk organised by the basement club on smarter sleep. It was given by a psychologist. I enjoyed it. She had a lot of good suggestions and tips for better sleep. And it was free, usually this person charges about 50 euro per talk, so free is good. There were about 25 of us at the talk which lasted two hours. Tea and coffee were provided, but I just drank sparkling water, and I did not eat any cookies. I kept with my healthy eating plan.
Yesterday I got weighed. I’m down another 1.5 pounds. I’m thrilled with that. That makes 7 pounds that I’ve lost since I started 3 weeks ago. Thats pretty good going. Granted the weight loss has slowed down a little and I didnt lose as much as I did the first week when I lost the four and a half pounds, but the nutrtionist says that everyone is different, and I’m doing good and its good to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week, because that means its coming off naturally and slowly and that it wont go back on as easily. Plus I wont have saggy or flabby skin as I am exercising as well as eating healthily so thats good. We decided that I will try to drink even more water, because she told me that the water flushes out the fat cells and other toxins out of my body and speeds up weight loss. I’m also going to try and exercise a little bit more, but my main goal for this week is my water intake and drinking more of it.
This morning my PA is coming. I have to go to the vets to buy Nitros dog food, and have him weighed. I also have to go to the credit union and change a cheque. Then I need to go grocery shopping. And then we’ll come back to my house, put the shopping away, and clean the house some. I’m sure the time will fly by as it always does.
Yesterday I rang the organisation that funds my therapy. They are an organisation which provides funding for different things to survivors of abuse. They funded my CCTVS in my home, and they fund my therapy, and yesterday I rang them to see if there was any money available for me for when I start back at college. My case manager said there was a 500 euro grant available just to help with materials and stuff. First though I have to send in a letter of proof that I’ve been accepted on to the course. That shouldnt be a problem. The 500 euro will be very welcome and will help me as I need some new clothes for college. What I have is old and worn and as I am losing weight now I need some new leggings, tops, etc. I’m trying to decide whether I’ll call Karen who used to be Dr Barrys social worker but who is now team leader and ask her to talk to my case manager about possibly getting some extra PA hours, since the hours I put in for werent granted, well the manager of the PA service said I was on a waiting list but who knows when hours will come up. If I can get some extra hours from that organisation then all the better. It is worth a shot.
Today when I am done with my PA I’m going to mom and dads. Mom and my sister and the kids and I are going to Cobh, a nearby town for the day. We’re taking our lunch and having it when we get there. Its something to do and will be nice to just go and sit on the promenade or in the park. Oh yeah, we booked a few days away in two weeks time. We’ll be going to Killarney which is a town about 90 minutes away from where we live. We’re going for two nights and staying in a hotel. I had to book a separate room because the deal that my sister got was a suite but it only holds four so mom and her are staying in it with the two kids. I dont mind though staying in a room on my own, in fact I think I’ll enjoy it. It cost a little more but I didnt mind, it will just be nice to get away for a couple days. We’ll be going to a farm and some woods for a picnic and some other stuff too. That will happen on August 14th and 15th.
Well thats all my news for now. What are your plans this weekend?

Almost time for vacation yay!

Well, its almost time for my holiday. I leave tomorrow morning. For 4 days.

Considering it almost got canceled…I’m glad to be going. It almost got canceled because our dad hurt his leg. He fractured his heel. How, you may ask? Well he climbed on the garden shed to retrieve our niece’s flip flop and barbie doll. Once he retrieved them, he went to jump off the shed. He couldnt see the edge because there was bushes growing over it. So he just jumped, silly man!

That was on Thursday evening. After a night of no sleep and where he was in agony with the pain, he went to the hospital on Friday morning. They x rayed it and put a cast on and now he has a cast all the way up to his knee. He has to go back in a month to have the leg x rayed again.

Well our mom was going to cancel our trip, because she thought he wouldnt be able to manage by himself for the few days. But they talked it over and he said he would so we’re going and boy am I glad.

I really need a little down time. Considering that Eileen is away since today, I need a bit of distraction. I miss her a lot already. She has said that in week two we can do a phone check in so thats awesome. I’ll be happy to catch up with her then.

Carol anne