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We had a little bit of disappointing news today. Remember I said over the past few weeks that I applied to start a computer course? Well today we found out that they wont allow us to start until next September. We had been told we’d start next January but now the start dates been pushed out. All because they need to get us an individual workstation, because their virtual desktop that they use isnt compatible with our screen reader jaws. So that means buying a new laptop, a version of jaws to use on it, and I am not sure what else. But to do that they’ll have to make a submission to the 2015 budget for funding. They dont have intakes onto the course as regularly as they used to, since they’ve changed the content of the course, and how they run it. So in essence it means a long period of waiting time for us. Its kinda disappointing to me in particular. I was looking forward to starting soon. The other issue we had to discuss today with our OT Mark is our transport issue. He said he’d spoken to the manager of the college, and he said he may be able to help us partly with transport costs. Apparently its done on a case per case basis. What he said was they might be able to fun half the cost per week of transport. That would mean we’d still be paying 35 to 50 euro per week ourselves. But between now and starting next September, we’re going to start saving some money each week, to help us pay for the taxi’s to get there. Plus there is an organisation giving us a small grant of 500 euro too, which is also going to help us out a little bit. So thats where things are at with college and the transport issues. In the mean time we have the basement club to go to, which although we’re not getting a qualification out of it, it will keep us occupied and we do learn things there as they do groups which teach you things.
Carol anne

OT and social worker updating

First of all let me tell you all about the contact I had with Mark, our OT. He called me on Tuesday when I was in patient. He didnt know I’d gone in. So I decided to wait until I was discharged to call him back. I knew there was a chance he’d find out I was in, since he’s part of the overall mental health team. Anyway, he never did find out. Today when I got home I called him back. We spoke about the course I want to do. The one with national learning network thats computer based. There is one big obstacle in my way now to doing it and that is transport. The organisation who is currently funding taxi’s for us said that they will only give a 500 euro grant for this course because of the level of qualification that it is at which is fetach level 5. I know the qualification doesnt mean much to many of you reading this. But anyway its 10 euro per day to and from so thats 20 euro a day to get there and back home. So that doesnt amount to much. So Mark said to speak to Karen the social worker about it on Monday. He said if Karen isnt able to do anything that he’ll look at other options as he knows people in the past who’ve gotten transport allowances, or other means of funding for taxis. The other thing he wanted to talk to me about is that he said the psychologist from the school where the course is run out of contacted him. I knew she was doing that, I’d given my permission for her to contact both Mark the OT and our therapist Eileen. So he told her I wanted to keep my mental health needs separate from my educational needs and she agreed that this was probably a good thing. So in a few weeks when she comes back from holidays we’re going to meet and make a plan of what will happen if we become unstable and what action the school needs to take if that happens.

On another front, I am meeting with Karen dr Barrys social worker on Monday. I talked to Dr Barry today and we discussed the installing of CCTV cameras in our home to make it more secure. Karen is still looking into that. On monday she should havemore news about it. I also need to discuss with her about possibly having someone come in to my home in the evenings and be with me for a couple of hours, if someone isnt available to stay overnight. I highly doubt someone is going to be approved to stay over, the funding just isnt available. But we shall see. I told Dr Barry that Karen needs to be given the gold start for the hardest working social worker because she is so fabulous and awesome and very dilligent and gets the job done.
Carol anne