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Happy xmas eve, to one and all!

Xmas came early. Tonight I let the littles open up two of their presents. They were so excited. We tend to kinda spoil the littles at xmas and on our birthday. We cant help it.

They got a Barbie, with extraclothes, and a stuffed dinosaur. The dino was a huge hit with the boys. Also today a friend sent us a stuffed lion. We’re looking for a name for him, please leave a comment and suggest one.

The lion is small enough to carry in our therapy bag, and the kids cant wait to take him in to show Eileen when we next see her.

So we had a good evening. And now its xmas eve. And its almost 4 AM. And I am still awake even after a sleeping pill. I was reading my book hidden by Cathy glass. I’m on chapter 12 now. Absolutely love the book so far.

Well off to bed now. Night everybody, and merry xmas.

carol anne