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So yesterday, our mom and lil sis, and aunt met with Dr B. We had known about it since last week and spent the whole weekend being nervous about it. Even Dr B commented today about how anxious we’d been. Yesterday Lexi even had a self harm episode that we needed treatment for “not stitches” but we needed the wound cleaned and dressed. Dr B must have known about that, but today she never mentioned it at all which I found pretty strange to be honest. Anyway, back to the family meeting. Dr b was very simplistic in how she decided to go about explaining our diagnosis to our mom. You see our mom doesnt have a lot of education, she never went to college or anything like that. So the analagy dr B used was did is like a fractured bone, that splinters into many pieces, and then you need pins to try to put the pieces back together, and sometimes you can never put them back together and the best you can hope for is co-operation or communication between insiders. Wow, she’s spot on. Our mom seemed to understand it better then. She could visualise abone, she said, fractured into a lot of pieces. Dr b also said when trauma happens at a very young age the personality fractures. She left it at that, didnt go into any detail about any abuse as we’d requested, however she is going to give our mom parts of our diagnostic report on Monday. She just has to go through it and pull out the bits that we dont want given to our mom, those bits that have abuse info, or personal info from insiders, because some of that report is word for word verbatum of what we would have said to the specialists diagnosing us. She said she’ll probably just give the summary and recommendations. Monday is family therapy day. I think I’m going too, although I’m not sure yet. I am nervous about that and scared too. I’m scared they’ll all target me and I’ll be the “bad” girl or something like that. I am hoping it will go well despite my fears. In other news, Dr B talked to her colleagues about me Carol anne attending some DBT skills training. And, I’ll be being assessed this week to see if I am eligible to do the groups or not. Usually they are just for people who have emotionally unstable pd, which is the new name for bpd. But Dr B recognised that I, Carol anne have a few traits of emotional unstable PD in my personality so she thought it might be beneficial if i did the groups. I wouldnt agree to do them unless I could still see Eileen, so she checked and they said that was fine. Now I’ve to be assessed to see my suitability. I bet they are going to ask that we dont switch, which if they do I’m out of there as I cant guarantee that to them. I’ll keep you all posted anyway on how that goes. So those are todays updates. I hope everyone is having a good day.
Carol anne