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Almost time for vacation yay!

Well, its almost time for my holiday. I leave tomorrow morning. For 4 days.

Considering it almost got canceled…I’m glad to be going. It almost got canceled because our dad hurt his leg. He fractured his heel. How, you may ask? Well he climbed on the garden shed to retrieve our niece’s flip flop and barbie doll. Once he retrieved them, he went to jump off the shed. He couldnt see the edge because there was bushes growing over it. So he just jumped, silly man!

That was on Thursday evening. After a night of no sleep and where he was in agony with the pain, he went to the hospital on Friday morning. They x rayed it and put a cast on and now he has a cast all the way up to his knee. He has to go back in a month to have the leg x rayed again.

Well our mom was going to cancel our trip, because she thought he wouldnt be able to manage by himself for the few days. But they talked it over and he said he would so we’re going and boy am I glad.

I really need a little down time. Considering that Eileen is away since today, I need a bit of distraction. I miss her a lot already. She has said that in week two we can do a phone check in so thats awesome. I’ll be happy to catch up with her then.

Carol anne

Summer holiday

Well its all sorted. I am going on holidays from July sixth until July 9th. I’m going with my mom and sister, and aunt. And of course there will be my sisters two kids too. We’re all going to stay in a hotel in west Cork. Its about 10 mins drive from the beach. So that means if the weathers good we’ll probably go to the beach one day. I think we’re also going to go to a model railway village one day. The hotel is lovely. We’re staying 3 nights, and we also got breakfast each day and one evening meal. The other two days we’re going to eat out. I’m sooo looking forward to a vacation. I just hope the weather will be good, because I packed all summer clothes. Knowing my luck it will rain…so keep your fingers crossed for me for good weather! Today mom and I went to my house and got out all of my summer clothes, and I tried stuff on to see what fit. Then she ironed everything, because she’s precise like that ha. And she’s packed them all now too. After we went to my house we decided to go to costa coffee for a cappachino. That was nice. Its been a good start to the weekend.
Carol anne