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A welcome rest

Last night I we fell asleep around 1 AM. When I was going to sleep I was thinking, well, we’ll probably sleep for 2 to 4 hours max. But no. We slept first until 8 30 AM. At 8 30 we got up, went to the bathroom and went back to bed again. We’re currently at our parents for the weekend, and mom and dad were just getting up. So I asked them if they’d let Nitro out and feed him which they did while we went back to bed. Mom brought me a cup of tea and some toast which I ate and then I promptly turned over and fell back asleep. I didnt wake again until 10 30, when mom came in and said she needed to vacume the room. Then our dad took Nitro to the park for a run, and after mom finished vacuming we went back to sleep again. At 11 30 we finally woke for the last time. Mom had come to ask if we wanted to go visit our grandad with her today. I said no, that I was too tired to go out, and she asked if I’d been awake all night, cuz well she’s not used to us sleeping for so long. I finally dragged my ass out of bed a few minutes ago and now I’m up for the day. At noon, yes guys, noon. Aw well I needed the rest. Its not like I do that every day. I had a busy week last week. I was exhausted after it.
Carol anne