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Tuesday update

so my tuesday was really productive and busy. i didnt think it would be but i was pleasantly surprised.
first my PA came at 9 AM. she usually comes on saturday, but last saturday i was in dublin so she didnt come. instead we changed our day to today. so she came and i had plenty for her to do. she did the ironing, vacuming, mopped the floors, changed my bed, and other housework that i needed to get done. that took about an hour. then we went to the store because i needed batteries and milk and some things for nitro. while at the store i got a smoothie, instead of a coffee. we came back to my house then and we sat chatting for a while, drinking our smoothies, and it was nice to just do that. i let her go half an hour early because there wasnt anything else left for her to do. she’ll come again this saturday as usual though and i’m sure i’ll have plenty for her to do.
after she left i called my friend, then my home help aid came and she helped me make some food. i made a chicken curry. i find now that i’m being more health conscious its easier if i organise my meals and then i dont binge on foods that i shouldnt, or eat the wrong types of foods. so i made a curry, putting lots of veggies in it and i made rice to go with that. it was yummy. i have some leftovers for tomorrow because i have to go see dr barry and i dont have home help coming and no time to cook food because i wont be home till after six in the evening so its good that ihave some leftovers.
after my home help went i decided to go to mom and dads for a couple of hours. at first my plan was to stay home and relax but then i decided i’d be bored and i’d prefer to do something and visiting my parents seemed like fun. so i rang mom and i told her i’d be coming and she said she had to go out to the store with my sister and that they’d pick me up on their way home. so they did, and i left nitro at home because i knew i wouldnt be gone for a long time. i stayed at mom and dads about an hour and a half and then i got a taxi home. my sister didnt even come in to mom and dads, she just picked me up and dropped us to moms, picking her kids up from summer camp on the way.
this evening was a chilled out evening-I just did email, watched tv, drank coffee, too much of it lol. I didnt do any exercise like i promised myself i would. oh well. tomorrows another day. i really need to get motivated though to do more exercise and be better about it. i weighed myself today on my own scales because i was curious and couldnt resist and it said i’d lost 3 pounds. whether i have or havent i dont know and i’ll wait until friday to see my weight on karens scales as its probably different to mine. i really just checked it for the fun of it just to see how i was doing. i feel good though knowing i might have lost at least 3 more pounds!

Not a very productive day

Today was not very productive. I did sleep well last night which was good because I really needed the rest. I’ve had a few bad nights lately sleep wise but after learning yesterday that I’d be having a second therapy session this week and knowing I’d be able to hopefully work on some stuff and resolve it I was able to finally relax and sleep well.
Today I stayed in bed late. I woke up at around 6, fed Nitro, and then went back to bed and managed to sleep on and off till around 11.
My home help came at around 1 and we fixed lunch. We were able to chat as we did that. She was telling me all about her recent weight loss surgery that she had. I really want to lose weight, but I seriously would not go for weight loss surgery, it sounds so restrictive.
After she left I went to my parents for the afternoon. I ended up staying there tonight. My sister came with the kids and it was just nice to spend time with them. Its her birthday on Saturday but she isnt doing anything, she has no plans anyway for it.
I got a text from my cousin that she’s having a bbq for her birthday in two weeks time, so I’m all excited for that. Its going to be a girly night with just all of us girls and we’ll have drinks along with the BBQ. First though there is a girly weekend this weekend, we’re going overnight to a nice town about an hour away from where we live, and we’ll probably go shopping, and there will be drinks on Sunday night too.
Tomorrow is Friday yay Friday I’m in love.
I’m going to the basement club in the morning for a while, then will have therapy later on in the afternoon.
I’m ready for the weekend!

Mothers day

So its mothers day today in Ireland and I think in the UK too. We gave our mom her mothers day present already on Friday evening. We gave her a bunch of flowers, chocolates and a bottle of baileys liquoir. And of course a card too. She was thrilled with what we gave her and kept thanking us.
We were meant to be going for a meal today but our sisters sick. She got a stomach bug and she was so sick with it that she had to go to the out of hours doctor and get an injection. The pain was so bad that she was crying with pain. I felt really sorry for her. Both her partner and her little boy have had it so it did stand to reason that she’d get it also.
I seriously hope I wont get it because its awful. If there is one sickness I cant stand its vomiting and diarroea.
Mom said tonight that we could go for the meal on St Patricks day to make up for not going on mothers day. For St Patricks day we’ve decided to go to a local parade and then we’ll probably go for something to eat afterwords.

Updating as I hadnt written in a while…

I havent written anything here in a while so I thought its time I tried.

So far this weeks been pretty good. I had a doctors appointment yesterday which went really well. My diabetes was reviewed and it turns out its pretty well controlled…my blood sugars over the last 3 months have been great. I also got an ECG and that was fine, my feet were fine too. I’m still struggling with my weight and trying to lose it. I see my nutritionist tomorrow for my weekly weigh in and appointment.

Nitro is having his teeth cleaned on Tuesday. Nitro is my guide dog. I have to have him at the vet for 9 AM. He’s going under general anastethic to have them cleaned. I’m not looking forward to that. Am pretty nervous actually about it.

No plans really for the upcoming weekend. Will hopefully just have a chilled out one. Do need to do my grocery shopping on Saturday and my moms going to help me do that.

Mothers day is in march and me and my lil sister are taking mom out for a meal and both putting money together to buy her some flowers. We were going to just get one card between us but then we both decided to get her a card each. She knows about the meal but she doesnt know anything about the flowers and we were thinking we may each give her a little gift too.

Well thats it from here. Will write again soon.