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KNFB reader

I recently purchased the KNFB reader ap for my I phone. I love it. It makes reading so much easier. And it really works. I payed 100 euros for it but it was really the best hundred euro I ever spent. Last night I tried it out and I was able to read all of my mail hassle free. I was even able to read the label on my cerial box. It really is brilliant. Has anyone gotten it or used it? If you have what do you think? Were you impressed? Did it live up to your expectations? Are you glad you bought it?

This is my new blog welcome one and all!

Hello world. Welcome to my new blog.  This is a blog about me, and my life.  I am a blind woman in her 30’s.  I live in Ireland.  I’m down to earth, just your average ordinary person, but I just happen to be blind.  This blog will be a sort of diary for me, where I’ll talk about my life, my ups and downs, it will also include things like book reviews, techy stuff, recipes, basically, it will include all the things I am interested in.  I really hope that whoever reads it will enjoy it.

A little more background on me…I have been blind since birth.  I was born 13 weeks premature so the backs of my eyes weren’t developed.  I have a guide dog whose name is Nitro. He’s four years old.  He’s such a cute dog.  And I love him to bits.  I have one sister, she is a hairdresser.  I have no brothers.  I’m not married, in fact I am a lesbian.  I do have a partner who lives in the USA.  Some day I hope to move there.

I look forward to all of your comments and feedback on my posts!  Happy reading!


Having no eyesight makes for a hard time in hospital

So because I cant see, its hard to do things that others take for granted in here. Like, for example, going to the dining room to eat. I’ve been avoiding it mostly. However this morning one of the nurses asked a girl in my ward to walk me down to the dining room. And she did. I feel embarrassed walking with someone. Like I am a burden. Like they have better things to be doing than leading me and showing me where to go. But I complied and went with her. I didnt eat breakfast though. I just drank a cup of tea and took my morning medication. The same girl brought me back to my bed afterwords again. Then I asked if I could have a shower and the nurse asked me if I needed someone or could I manage on my own. I told her if she showed me where it was I thought I’d be able to manage by myself. And I did. Usually I wouldnt feel embarrassed by the fact that I cant see, but sometimes, it gets to me. Like this morning it did. I just want to be normal like everyone else on the unit.
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