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Taking meds

So for my psych meds, I take sertraline and xeplion. I know it doesnt seem like much. And it isnt. But I hate the sertraline. I hate that I need so much of it in order to function like a normal human being. I’m on 100 MG of that per day. Then there is the xeplion, which I take on a monthly basis, as it is an injection. I take 100 MG of that med too. I really dont like antipsychotics or being on one, but I have to admit it does help my psychotic symptoms and agitation. It is probably the only antipsychotic that I havent had serious side effects from. In fact I dont get any side effects. Well ok, I probably have weight gain from it, but I dont get shaking, slurred speech, muscular discomfort, drooling, etc. Which I am delighted about. The trade off of being pretty functional when I take it is a good trade in my opinion. Does anyone else hate their meds, or the fact they have to take meds in order to function properly every day?