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Self care…An important issue

I’ve realised lately that self care is so very important. I’ve been working both in therapy with Eileen and also with Dr Barry on doing more self care things to look after my mental health. I’ve always found self care hard to do, mainly because I think I dont deserve to do things that involve caring for myself and for the other parts of me. Over the past year in therapy and with Dr Barry I’ve built up some self care activities. These include using affirmations daily, listening to songs that mean something to me, journaling when I feel bad mad lonely emotional etc, taking a long hot shower when I am not feeling good, walking the dog to clear my head, watching a favourite show on tv or a favourite dvd, calling a friend to talk, emailing my therapist, reading a book, amongst others. It has become easier over time to do these things. I’ve practiced and now am able to try them when the need arises.
Is self care important to you? What are some of your self care activities? Do you find it hard to do self care things for yourself?

The importance of good self care?

I’m learning how important self care is for my mental health. I’ve been trying to do more self sootheing and self care things. Because I need to take better care of myself. Things like having a long bubble bath or shower, curling up with my book, having a nice cup of tea, or hot chocolate, meditating, playing with Nitro, listening to calming music, etc.
I’m finding it to be really beneficial. My mood is a lot better, my sleep is better, in general my overall mental health has improved. Sometimes I slip but doesnt everyone?
What do you do for self care? do you find it difficult to do self care activities?