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Good news about school

I’m so very happy. This morning I’ve gotten some real good news about school. Remember the other day I wrote about the transportation crisis? And how the school said they werent sure if they’d be able to pay for my funing, well part of it? They were meant to pay 100 euro and I’d pay 50 euro per weeek. Well, today the manager phoned me. He said he’d spoken to the department and he’d secured the funding. So its all worked out. I’m so delighted. Thats one less things to be worried about now. And it means I can start and my start date is the 7th of September. And it means I’ll be going and learning, getting up every day to do something, instead of staying home and doing nothing. I am thrilled. Life is good. I’m so excited to start. This morning mom took me to do some route familiarisation around the college. That went really well. Mom is great at giving me directions and instructions and showing me what I need to do. The instructor was there too, she showed us the different rooms we’ll be using. She said though that I wasnt to worry as there would always be someone around, so if I get lost or cant find something to ask and someone will show me. I’m very happy. Thanks for all your good vibes prayers and good thoughts. They all really helped. > carol anne

Early morning ramble

Its not even 7 AM yet. I havent slept. Of course if I didnt sleep all day yesterday I might be asleep now. But I did. I must try not to do that too often. It really isnt good for us.
Have therapy this morning. Wondering how that is gonna go. I know Alicia wants to talk to Eileen, and so I am going to make sure she gets time. I am kinda nervous because a lot of insiders got stirred up after last weeks session. I think talking about the past and abusers and the cult stirred up a lot of feelings for some insiders. Dealing with the aftermath of that is always kinda scary.
Not much else planned for today. Have my home help coming after therapy. Other than that think I will have a quiet afternoon at home. The rest of this week is pretty busy so will enjoy a day where there isnt much going on.
I am hoping the college get back to me this week with the results of my aptitude test. The instructor said they’d be in touch but she never said when, I’m hoping it will be soon.
Want to find out how I did, if I passed and all. I probably did but you never know, I didnt know what exactly they were looking for as regards to answers.
Well I hope everyone is doing well and had a good weekend. Happy Monday?


Bullying leads to depression

So its no secret that as a teen we were severely bullied in school. When we started secondary school we were going to school in the bording school in dublin. Our first year there, a group of girls started bullying us. The group was led by a very nasty girl who would stop at nothing whenit came to the things she would do to hurt us. It wasnt just name calling. It was way more than that. The bullying took many forms, including injuring us, writing nasty letters and posting them to us, etc. It was horrific. That went on for a year, until finally we were able to tell our class teacher about it and she dealt with it and the bullies got into a lot of trouble. So we thought the bullying was over, and we’d gotten through it. But some years later, when we transfered back home to go to regular school, we were bullied once again. This time we were the only blind person in a school full of sighted people. And oh my god were the kids in our class so cruel. Some examples of what they did to us included knocking us over while we were going up the stairs and breaking our arm, pushing us as we came out of school and sending our backpack flying so that it emptied out all over the yard, putting super glue on our chair, need I say more? It was horrendous and it made us feel so depressed. We got worse and worse as the bullying progressed. We got to a point where we were dreading school and going in each day. Then the suicidality hit hard. We began to think we’d be better off if we were to end our life. So one day when we got home from school we overdosed on a bottle of prozac. Luckily we were found and hospitalised and it was only then that everything came to light and the school dealt with the bullying. Needless to say though it has had such a detromental effect on our mental health. The fact that we were bullied has severely emotionally scarred us. I dont think bullying is taken half as seriously as it should be. Schools need to do more to protect kids from bullys. Professionals need more training. Bullying does effect mental health in every way. I should know.