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Love me challenge day 17

Day 17 Something that feeds your soul

Reading inspirational stories. Stories about kids who’ve overcome the odds, or anyone really, whose story is inspiring. I also like reading about animals especially dogs, rescue animals, and working dogs. I also love collecting quotes and reading nice poems.

Weekend rambles

So the weekend was pretty good. I had a relaxing one. The one thing I did do was go to my cousins 18th birthday party yesterday. It was a meal for some of the family, and then we had drinks too after the meal. We had a great day and I really enjoyed myself. It was nice after a busy week to just be able to relax. I also caught up on sleep on Saturday night. I went to bed really early and was reading my book, fell asleep in the middle of a chapter, and slept for 13 hours straight! No kidding. Speaking of books, I’ve finished the girl in the mirror by Cathy glass. I’ll do a review later today. It was a pretty good book I thought. Tonight I’m going to start girl alone, her new book that just came out last week. I stayed at mom and dads on both Saturday and last night. I always stay on Saturday night but I just decided that it would be better if I stayed last night too since we were going to that party. I am happy the weekend was relaxing, it sets me up for a good week ahead.

Our therapist is gonna read to us tomorrow!

this is allie. and i’m very excited.
eileens home from vacation. i texted her last night. she told me to text 2 days before we saw her to remind her to charge up her digital recorder. cuz guess what? tomorrow we will take our new book into her office and she’s gonna read to us. i am super happy and i cant wait to be read to. it will be so special i think. the book is all about feelings. and there is a heart cut out on each page, and you can feel it. i think its called the heart book but i’m not sure if thats the name of the book and i dont know the name of the author. its gonna be so cool to have eileen read a story. and we will record it so we can listen over and over to it. i’m even thinking of asking eileen if we can make reading part of therapy and maybe once every couple of weeks if she’ll read a book to us and let us record the stories. it makes me feel so loved that she is going to do this for us. carol anne says its part of the attachment based therapy. it allows us to bond even more than we already are to her. i’m just super excited. i dont think i’ll be able to sleep tonight lol.

Teaser Tuesday-Based on a true life memoir

I decided to participate in teaser tuesday.
I wont give away any of the book though by putting some lines here.

What I’m currently reading…
My dads a policeman by Cathy glass
Its a short read about 100 pages in length. Its fiction, but based on a true story.
I hope you enjoy it if you read it!

Making time…

I’ve been neglecting my hobbies lately. I really need to start putting time aside for myself again. Time to do the things I like doing, for example, reading. I started a great book, its a Cathy Glass book called please dont take my baby. I read six chapters, and then I stopped. I have thought about picking it back up over the past week but I just never did it. This weekend I will definitely pick it back up. I’ll be traveling on a train on Sunday and on Monday, thats the perfect time to read my book. As reading is a favourite hobby of mine, you’d think I’d do it more often. I do have tons of books just waiting for me to read them. And, I want to review all the books I am reading on my blog…yet another reason why I need to start reading them. I will get there I’m sure. I just need to set my mind to it.