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from alicia

its me alicia. for anyone who might not know i’m 9. i havent written in a while so thought tonight i would.
i am feeling kinda lonely. lonliness really sucks. i wish i had someone to talk to and tell all my worries to right now. but probably everyones in bed. its 5 AM after all.
my brain hurts. its hurting from thinking too much. i think and think until my brains bout ready to explode. thats not good huh?
i wanna go to the movies soon. we havent been in a while. our pa said she’d go with us outside of work hours. that was nice of her and it will be fun.
i wonder what we’ll talk to dr barry today about. i’d like to talk to her if there is time. im not sure though there will be time for me to just talk to her. i hope there will though.