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good article on Ritual abuse, mind control, and programming

Here is an excellent article on ritual abuse and mind control. A heads up, this is a very triggery article for survivors so be careful when reading it. I think it describes the phenomena very well and it is a great read. There arent a lot of very good articles out there that do justice to this awful subject but this one does.


One of our insiders is majorly struggling

So yesterday, I found out something major about an insider here. Ok so you all know we’re ritual abuse survivors. And you all know that members of the cult try to contact us sometimes. And you all probably also know that we struggle with programming, which is a form of mind control, that ritual abuse survivors struggle with throughout their lives.

Well one of the insiders here, Cora, has a suicide programme running on her. Basically that means she has been programmed to end her life, on a certain date. Obviously we do not want this to happen, so today in therapy we will be working with her. Eileen got an email a few nights ago from her, asking for help, saying she’s desperate and she doesnt want to follow through with the programme.

Eileen immediately phoned me and told me what was going on. Apparently Cora had been looking up pro suicide websites, looking at how to die, how not to be found, how to succeed, yes, you get the picture, not a good thing to be doing. Eileen as you might have guessed was very very concerned.

I’m glad Cora will get to speak in therapy today. I think it will do her some good. And I trust Eileen to help her and have some good advice for her. She has worked in therapy to nullify programming before and it worked. So heres hoping today will bring some results also.
Carol anne