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Planning a great weekend!

This is gonna be a great weekend. I have plans!
Tonight I’m going to see the musical singing in the rain with mom and my aunt. We booked it a few weeks ago. I love musicals and used to be in a stage school for many years, so seeing this show will really bring me a lot of happy memories from my childhood in the montfort college of performing arts.
Tomorrow my cousin is having her birthday party. It was her birthday earlier this week. We’re going to a local restaurant for dinner and then probably will have a few drinks after that. Except I dont think I’m going to drink any alcohol because it will mess with my weight loss programme. But I will still enjoy myself I’m sure.
This afternoon moms going to put a color in my hair. I was going to get it done in the salon but its so expensive and a box color is just as good in my opinion. This morning I’m going to the beauticians to get my lip and eyebrows waxed. I’m trying out a new beauticians that my sister recommended to me.
What are your plans for the weekend?

Tomorrows plans

So its Monday again. Did I ever say I hate mondays? I know some people are all delighted and stuff because its the start of a brand new week. Me, I’m not.
Anyway tomorrow will be busy for me. i have to go in to the basement club to sort out some stuff. There are these forms I had to fill up, about being vetted, to sit on council, and a declaration thing that I had to sign, and because of having to sign it I have to go in tomorrow morning. Its annoying as hadnt planned on going in because we have therapy today and usually on therapy days I just go to therapy and thats all.
Speaking of therapy, I am thinking tomorrow will be a pretty intense session. Between talking about summer solstace, and talking about the emails we sent during the week to her, and leftover stuff from last week, it will be pretty full on. I’m sure I’ll leave feeling drained and come home and take a nap.
I’ll be staying at my parents tomorrow night which I dont normally do but because I have to go to dublin on Tuesday for the day, its just easier if I stay at my parents, and go straight to the train station from their house.
So anyway guys, happy Monday!

Rambling cuz I am bored

Well despite my lack of sleep last night, I got through this day somehow. So happy its Friday and almost the weekend. As my blogging friend P says, Friday I’m in love!
I didnt get up to much today. Just spent the day at my parents. My sisters kids were off school due to the refforendums that were taking place and so she brought them to our parents house and we just spent the day in the garden. I was going to go with my mom for a long walk, but she was too tired so I just went on my treadmill instead.
Tomorrow morning my PA deirdre is coming for four hours. She’ll be coming at 9 AM. I need her to do some housework, and then I need to go to get my grocery shopping. We’ll probably go for a nice coffee at costa as well. I also have to buy some birthday cards for my 3 friends, my sister, and my mom. I also have to go pick up my meds, and go to the post office. So it will be a busy morning.
Then in the afternoon I am going to a communion party, my sisters partners cousin is making her communion, and there is a huge party at their house afterwords, with lots of food, entertainment and drinks. I’d say it will be a good afternoon and evening. We probably wont get home till late so I’ll probably stay at my parents tomorrow night.
No plans for Sunday probably just stay in bed late and chill out when I do finally get out of bed.

Man oh man busy week ahead!

I’ve such a busy week this week with appointments. I just want them to be lover and for xmas to come!

Tomorrow morning, I see Dr Barry, our psychiatrist. I’m actually looking forward to seeing her. I am not sure but I think it might be the last time I see her before the new year. Not sure if she’s working next week which if she is I will see her on the monday the 22nd. It will be interesting to see if she has the report done up for the police, if she has I’ll certainly be interested in what it will say.

Wednesday is therapy day with Eileen. I do know that it is our last session for two weeks. We will be having one or two phone check ins though. But Eileen is on holidays for two weeks after this week so she wont be as available as she usually is which is going to be hard for us I think.

And Friday I see our nutritionist Karen. Not exactly looking forward to that. I’ll go but I dont think I really want to go if you get what I am saying. I think losing weight is so difficult and to be honest I dont think we’ve lost a pound. I’ve been doing good about the healthy eating for the most part…except, I did eat mcdonalds yesterday morning. I just wanted to taste their winter warmer burger so I caved and had that. Overall though I havent eaten a lot of junk food over the past few weeks so that hopefully will stand to me.

Other than that during the week I have my volunteering on Thursday with the basement club. I missed last week due to feeling unmotivated and also feeling a little unwell. Also coming up next saturday I think I’ll be going out with my aunt and mom and a few of my aunts friends. Lil sis Laura is also going I think, if she is able to get a babysitter. Also next weekend our sisters taking the kiddos to visit santa. We’re all going as its in a garden centre and we’re going to have lunch beforehand. So looking forward to seeing how little Davin our nephew does with santa as he’s just two.

I just have to get these appointments over with first before the fun of the weekend plans can begin.
Carol anne

This weekend

Our weekend started off quiet. But it isnt gonna stay like that. I dont mind though. I like being busy. Nothing much happened today Friday. Our sister came over to our parents with the kids and I babysat Davin with our mom while Laura went to do two peoples hair. She got 40 euro for blow drying two neighbours hair so she was pretty pleased with herself. It was a blast looking after Davin. He’s two and full of hilarity. He eventually fell asleep and when he did me and mom just sat drinking tea and talking about xmas. Dad made dinner for us all which was scrumptious. Our dad despite all of his faults is a really good cook. Tomorrow Saturday I’ll be going out with our P.A Joy. I will probably just go window shopping as I’ve most of my xmas presents bought now with the exception of a present for my god father and my sisters partner. I think I’ll also go to subway and have my favourite sub, italian flat bread with chicken, bacon, spicy cheese and south west sauce, mmmm love it. Tomorrow evening I’ll be going to my aunts house to watch the final of x factor. Moms also going and we’re going to have some food and possibly drinks, although I am not sure yet if I’ll actually drink alcohol. Sunday we’re supposed to be going to a xmas market, where there is food stalls, a magical santa experience, and a big ferris wheel that gives you a good view of the city. We were gonna go today to the market but then when Laura had to do the neighbours hairs she said lets put it off till Sunday when we’re not rushing. Man I didnt realise how busy this weekend actually was gonna be until I reread this. I guess I am lucky as it will keep my mind occupied and off of stressful things like memories and stressful emotional turmoil.
Carol anne