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Our dads brother, an update

So as your all aware, our dads brother is in hospital and has been there almost 3 weeks now. It will be 3 weeks on Monday.
Well, first, the good news. He’s awake, he’s off the ventolator, he’s kind of talking, but mostly its mumbling, you cant really understand what he is saying a lot of the time.
He is being tube fed, and he currently has chest problems, an infection-pneumonia which they are trying to get rid of with antibiotics. They are also suctioning him through a tube in his nose.
Yesterday morning he became really agitated and pulled out all the tubes and wires that he’s attached to, so they put these gloves on him that are like boxing gloves, to stop him from doing that again.
The bad news is that he’s mostly unresponsive and he’s not progressing as much with his rehab as they thought he would. For instance his swallow is not great, he’s having speech therapy and physiotherapy too but he’s just not responding as much as he should be.
So…it is most likely that in the long term he will be going into a nursing home. He wont be able to live independently any more. I think its really sad that he’ll have to spend the rest of his life in long term care. Nothing has been arranged yet and probably it wont be for a few weeks. A meeting will have to be arranged with the doctors and a social worker first to arrange things and discuss the plans for where he’ll go.
His whole left hand side is dead and even though he’s getting physiotherapy on it, its unlikely that it will ever work again. He only has a tiny bit of movement in his fingers of his left hand and in his toes of his left leg.
Its a terrible situation for our family. Our dad is very depressed as you can imagine. He didnt want his brother to end up like this. None of us did.