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poor doggie

yu kno what?
ar dads dog tiny is sick
she gets seizurs
i fink thats so sad
she is a bull staff but shes very gentil
she lives in the hous all de time
shes almos 8 now
but shes gotten 3 seizurs so far today
its so sad to see her in pain
ar dad dosnt want to put her down tho
shes on medicaton for the epilepsy
but it not helping i thinks
well it did sorta help cuz it been a few months sins she had a seizure
but now it not workin any more
please keep tiny in yur thots frends
dat her wil get beter agin real soon
darina six

Who says dogs cant dance?

Today when we were at the wellness and recovery group, as part of it we did zumba dancing. That was fun!

Well, nitro can dance! He’s a pro! LoL, he really is!

He got up, started shaking all about, and wagging his tail to no end! Everyone was laughing hysterically at him!

He’s my dancing guide dog and he’s oh so funny, I just wish I had a photo to show you all!

Carol anne