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Book review-Saving Danny by Cathy Glass

I just read this book, Saving Danny, by Cathy glass. It was a great read.
Danny, aged six, comes to Cathy as a foster child, when his mother, Reeva, isnt coping. His father is also in the picture, but he works a lot, and is hardly ever there.
When danny first arrives, his behaviour is really bad, he has tantrums, melt downs, and it is clear something is wrong. In fact on the day his social worker is due to bring him to Cathy, he runs away, and Cathy has to go searching for him, with the police, and other members of staff from his school.
They eventually find him. He has a lot of quirks, like making patterns, eating his food in order of colors, etc. Cathy and his social worker think he may be autistic, but his father doesnt want him assessed.
It turns out that his father had a brother who had Cerebral palsy, and he then thinks Danny is as disabled as his brother was. But he clearly isnt.
I wont spoil the ending but it was a good ending and the book is well worth a read.
Danny has a rabbit George, who he has a very special bond with. He finds it so difficult to express himself, but he really relates to George, and when he’s with him is able to open up and say how he’s really feeling. Its very moving to read and made me cry a few times.
I highly recommend the book, and its Cathys newest book It was just released in March of this year.

Blindness didnt hold me back

So as most of my readers know I was born blind. I was actually born 13 weeks premature. Back in 1980 not much was known about premature babies. I wasn’t expected to survive. I spent 13 weeks after I was born in the hospital, with many complications. I had underdeveloped lungs. I had no backs to my eyes. That is how I became blind. I don’t really have any eye condition persay. As a young child however, I was encouraged by my parents to be “normal”. Now I know all disabled kids are “Normal”, but well, some kids are very sheltered. They aren’t allowed to do certain things. They are wrapped in cotton wool and protected. I am glad my parents didn’t wrap me in cotton wool. It thought me to be self sufficient, and independent. Even before I was ever abused, I was self sufficient. I always wanted to do things by myself, it was like I was trying to prove that just because I was blind, didn’t mean I was stupid. My mom taught me how to talk by pressing her lips to mine and repeating words over and over again. And I learned to talk really early on. I was talking by 18 months, with lots of words. Another thing I was encouraged to do was socialise with my non disabled peers. I had many friends as a young child. I went to pre-school, and I exceled in class. I loved it there. I loved climbing, and running around like any normal 3 year old. Being blind never held me back. I learned to read braille in later years and once I did I started reading a lot. I was five years old when I left for the bording school. While I hated it there and was abused badly, and became very withdrawn, I did learn some good things there too. I got my education there for the most part. I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I didn’t get such a good education. I also don’t think I’d be where I am today if my parents didn’t think outside the box. If they didn’t push me to be like everyone else around me.

Carol anne