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Rambling cuz I am bored

Well despite my lack of sleep last night, I got through this day somehow. So happy its Friday and almost the weekend. As my blogging friend P says, Friday I’m in love!
I didnt get up to much today. Just spent the day at my parents. My sisters kids were off school due to the refforendums that were taking place and so she brought them to our parents house and we just spent the day in the garden. I was going to go with my mom for a long walk, but she was too tired so I just went on my treadmill instead.
Tomorrow morning my PA deirdre is coming for four hours. She’ll be coming at 9 AM. I need her to do some housework, and then I need to go to get my grocery shopping. We’ll probably go for a nice coffee at costa as well. I also have to buy some birthday cards for my 3 friends, my sister, and my mom. I also have to go pick up my meds, and go to the post office. So it will be a busy morning.
Then in the afternoon I am going to a communion party, my sisters partners cousin is making her communion, and there is a huge party at their house afterwords, with lots of food, entertainment and drinks. I’d say it will be a good afternoon and evening. We probably wont get home till late so I’ll probably stay at my parents tomorrow night.
No plans for Sunday probably just stay in bed late and chill out when I do finally get out of bed.

Yay for familiarity

My regular PA returns to work tomorrow. I’m so relieved. Dont get me wrong, the PA who covered for her was very nice, and very good at her job. But I am just so used to my regular PA, I prefer her, we have so much in common, she gets me, she knows I struggle with mental illness and is ok with that. I kinda felt like I couldnt be myself around the PA who covered, I felt like I had to put up this front or something for her.
I have a lot to cram into four hours tomorrow. I have to get her to help me clean the house from top to bottom, I have go pick up my prescription, I have to do grocery shopping, get my eyebrows waxed, and hopefully fit in lunch, or at least a coffee if there is time after all that.
It will be good to catch up after 2 weeks, but really we havent been out of touch, we text each other and facebook each other all the time!