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Saw our GP

So yesterday we saw our GP. It was for a diabetic review. We also had to see the nurse, actually, the nurse is the one who did almost the entire review, the GP only came in for like five minutes at the end.
Two weeks ago we had bloods taken, we had a full CBC done. All of our bloods came back fine. Our cholesterol is a little off, but our GP said he didnt want to put us on meds for cholesterol, because he said we’re too young, he said he generally doesnt put anyone under 40 on meds for cholesterol. The rest of our bloods were good, and our A1C for the last 3 months was great. We’re almost back to being prediabetic again. He said to continue taking the glucophage for now and we’d look at it again in six months time.
As you all know our weight is an issue, we’re struggling with that, we always seem to be struggling with it. The nurse was really sympathetic towards us, as she said she’s struggling with her weight too and needs to lose about 50 pounds.
All in all it was a good appointment. I am happy that I am so healthy. Long may it continue.

Our grandad, the latest update

Heres just a small update on our grandad.

He’s still holding on…hanging in and fighting. He’s had a couple of fairly good days over the past few days. Over the weekend I went to visit him. I went on both saturday and sunday. On saturday I spent time with him but on Sunday he wasnt up to really talking or spending time with any of us. We were all in the house but he was sleeping lots and we didnt see him at all. But Monday and Tuesday he was in much better spirits. He got up for a few hours each day. He ate more than he’s been eating too. All he had been eating was a half slice of toast, but he ate soup on Monday, and sausage on Tuesday. And he was really chatty and animated which was great to see. We havent seen him since Sunday but hopefully over the weekend we’ll visit him. On Monday the health nurse came, and he allowed her to examine him. This was a huge step for him. His haemoroid was bleeding a lot and she gave him pads to wear to help him so now he’s wearing those. He told her that when he urinates only a trickle of urine is coming out. She said if this kept up that he might get infections so to let her know if he was uncomfortable and she’d try to make him more comfortable. she also gave our aunt an emergency number to call out of hours if they need her. Over all though he seems to be doing good which we’re all pleased about.
carol anne