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Had a nightmare

just woke from a terrible nightmare. feeling hot, clammy, sweaty, scared, shaky, vulnerable…
ug i hate hate nightmares.
i wish someone was awake to talk with. feeling disorientated and dizzy and very strange…
just looked at the time. Its almost 4 30 in the morning. i dont think i’ve been asleep very long at all. why is my sleep always littered with nightmares? i just want a night where I dont have any.
but sigh…that is just wishful thinking.

Seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow

tomorrow i see my psychiatrist dr B. i dont see her until 4 pm, but i bet you anything, when i get there, i’ll have a long wait, and i’m guessing it will be past six by the time i get home. i hate long waits, but its always like that, the joys of being in the public health system!
i have a lot i need to discuss with dr B tomorrow. i need to find out if she actually did talk to her junior doctor about his inappropriate behaviour, he was meant to guide me when i was going in to him a week or two ago but he left me to find my own way in to his office, and i got lost. i brought this up last week and dr B said she’d discuss it with him and tell him he was totally inappropriate. to be honest, it irks me, because i have a dog, its not like he couldnt see that and hadnt noticed it. i mean, how do you miss a big labrador?
i hope there isnt anyone too unwell there tomorrow. it scares me when there is people with really eratic behaviour in the waiting room. i think its because i am blind, but it really makes me uneasy, and afraid. i somehow think they are going to make a go for me or something. luckily that hasnt ever happened.
I was recently discussing with dr B meds for nightmares, so i may ask her if she’s found out anything more about any of the ones i mentioned to her. its difficult because most of the ones i mentioned to her are only available in the USA and arent licensed in Ireland.
Heres hoping for a good appointment though tomorrow.


so…i have a question for my followers. i’d really appreciate any responses and advice you can give me.
dr barry and i have been discussing meds for nightmares. i gave her the names of a few. she’s researching them and she might be prescribing one for us.
have any of you ever tried or been on any med for nightmares? if you have, which one was it? and what was your experience of the med, did it help? was it no use? all comments welcomed!

Our big sleep issue

Sleep has become a huge issue again for us lately. I try to do a sleep hygiene routine at night. I go to bed between 11 30 and midnight. On weekends and on weekdays where I don’t have too much to do, I read for a while. I try to wind down before bed. I don’t drink coffee at all after 8. I sometimes listen to the relaxation letting go of stress cd that Eileen gave me. But nothing helps. Eventually I do fall asleep but then I wake sporadically throughout the night. And when I wake I usually get up because if I stay in bed, I start to panick. I also have nightmares which aren’t helping matters. Trauma nightmares are the worst. They make you feel just awful. Of course no nightmare is ever fun, but when they involve memories of abuse and trauma its doubly scary. I really don’t want to have to go back on sleeping pills again. Dr Barry gave us some a few weeks ago, a five day supply. That helped but it was only short term. But now all the problems are resurfacing again. Does anyone have any suggestions? Do you do anything to help you to sleep?

Carol anne

I had a nightmare

I barely slept last night. I just couldn’t drop off.

It didn’t help that my bedroom was freezing. When I am at our parents I sleep in the extension which is always cold. I think because it is the extension of the house its colder than the rest of the house.

But when I wasn’t sleeping I listened to music for a while on my phone. I also did some email and commented to some blogs.

When I finally did drop off about six AM I had a nightmare. I startled awake again and then I couldn’t get back to sleep so got up at 9 AM. I sware nightmares really fucking suck. I wish I had a med to take so I wouldn’t get them. The one that’s available though in the USA isn’t available here in Ireland.

I hope tonight is a better night sleep wise. I really need a good nights sleep with no nightmares.

Carol anne