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i gots a question about movies

hi everybody
its ericka. im 8. i decided to write and ask a question.
our pa is taking us to the movies soon. but first we have to pick a movie to see. we want to see a kids movie. or something that a kid would like. not something violent or scary cuz we dont like those sorta movies.
does anyone have any ideas about what movie to see?
if you got to see a good movie lately maybe you’ll comment to tell us about it here.

Philomena movie review

I just watched an incredible movie. It was called philomena. Its set in Ireland and is about an irish woman named Philomena who becomes pregnant in her mid teens. As a result her father sends her to live with the nuns, and because in the 1950’s ireland was all about the catholic church, she was forced to work in the abbey, and then after she had her baby, he was given up for adoption, and she never saw him again. She didnt tell anyone of her secret for fifty years. Then she tells her daughter and her daughter gets in touch with a journalist who helps her to trace her son. Its an incredible story with many ups and downs. They do find her son eventually after much searching but unfortunately tragedy has struck and he is no longer alive when they trace him. It turns out the family who adopted him also adopted her best friends baby Mary, and both children did not have the greatest childhoods. She finds out her son was a lawyer and worked with both president ragan and president bush. He was also a closet homosexual. He died of aids. I highly recommend this movie to anyone. It is a tear jerker at times but it also has some happy moments. Philomena is also a book if anyone is interested in reading it.

Weekend plans and updates

So far, the weekend is going great, except I haven’t slept. I didn’t pick up my med for sleep either. I had no way to pick it up. I was meaning to ask my sister to do it for me but then I forgot. So now it will have to wait until Monday.

Yesterday I went to my friends in the afternoon to pick up a Christmas cake she baked for me. Its a fruit cake. If the cake and coffee she gave me when I got to her house is anything to go bthen I am sure it will be delicious. I spent about 2 hours there. The taxi diver who drove me home was a little weird. I had to tell him I was blind and then he didn’t know where to go, I had to direct him which I thought was so funny since you know, I am blind? But anyway I managed to get home safely and Nitro jumped all over me when I got to mom and dads house. I hadn’t brought him with me since he’s shedding like crazy and I didn’t want to get my friends house all destroyed in dog hair.

Today we’re taking my niece and nephew to visit santa. Mom and my aunt are going with us, so it will be mom and my aunt, us, and our sister and her kiddos. It should be fun. We’re going to have lunch when we go there too. I told mom I’d buy her lunch for her for a treat. I hope we get some good pictures, if we do, I’ll share them here.

Tomorrow I’m planning on going to the movies with my P.A Joy. I plan on allowing the littles to pick a movie to see. I think they want to see either Paddington or penguins of Madagascar. They’re all excited to go. Plus we’ll also be exchanging xmas presents with Joy. We got her a gift card to costa coffee, and a bottle of wine, and we have some chocolates for her kids to.

I think its good that we’ve so much going on this weekend as it is winter solstice and that is a really rough time of year for us because of the ritualistic abuse we went through. So with so much happening maybe we can distract ourselves and not think about it too much and hopefully it will be over before we know it.

Carol anne

theatre visit

We are going to the theatre. I’m sooo excited. We’re going to see the little mermaid. The stage school that we used to go to as a kid is putting it on. The little mermaid is my favourite Disney movie of all time. I just adore it. Especially the song part of your world. We’ve booked our tickets, and we’re going on Thursday evening to see it. I think it will be super exciting. We got great seats…they’re on the balcony but they are at the very front row. I hope i wont be disappointed…but i think i wont be. I think its gonna be amazing.


i helped our mom to baby sit

our mom was baby sitting our niece and nephew last night
our sister and her partner went out for a meal
and to a drive in movie
and so our mom baby sat and i helped her
the kids were mostly good
they went to bed pretty late though
i watched curious george the first movie with lauren
i had seen it before
she loved it
we ate poopcorn and pizza and it was fun
the only down side to it is that the kids were up super early this morning
like 7 AM
i wanted to sleep in but i couldnt
so eventually we got up too
allie 9