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DBT and BPD, assessing someone for DBT skills training?

So, I just need to ask, because I am curious, but also because we’re being assessed next week to do DBT skills training, has any one of our readers ever done dbt? If your borderline especially, what does the assessment entail? Is there a lot of questions? Triggering questions? Usually did people don’t do DBT, it is not a treatment associated with dissociative identity disorder. Usually it is those who are borderline or have BPD that partake in DBT therapy. Our psych doc wants me to try it because she thinks I, Carol anne have traits of emotionally unstable personality disorder and so she thinks it may benefit me. That is, if they will take me on the course. They may not, because we are actively suicidal and having self harm urges. In fact our psych doc thinks they probably aren’t going to take us at this time. So all this is probably gonna be for nothing. But you never know. I guess what I am asking is…is the assessment for doing DBT very traumatic? Do they go into a lot of detail about your suicide attempts, and self harm attempts? I am just nervous that we’re going to switch during it or be very, very triggered!

Carol anne