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30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 12

Day Twelve: What’s the worst thing you’ve woken up to finding out your alter’s done? What’s the best?
One time I woke up lying in a pool of vomit. One of my young insiders whose 12 had overdosed on all of my meds. We’ve had more than one overdose but this one was particularly bad. I remember crawling to the bathroom and trying to pull myself up to the toilet bowl to puke. It was awful. I remember trying to grab the phone to call my mom for her to come and help me. I was lucky. That overdose landed us in the medical ward for a week.

The best thing that has ever happened to us by an insider was when my child parts got to play with their friends in another did system as my partner is multiple also. When we visited them in America they all got to hang out. The teens and adults did too, but the expressions and ways that it impacted on the child insiders was amazing to watch. They were in awe. It was like they were free to be themselves without anyone impinging on them. It was so lovely.

30 days of dissociative identity disorder day 11

Day Eleven: How much control do you have over switches? Do you know of any specific things which cause specific alters to front?
Well it depends. Sometimes, on a good day the control is good. We can stop a switch mid way, or if things are generally good, we can function all day as the adult part, or in an adult part I should say. Only giving time which we set out for the kids. But on the worst days, our control is nill, zero. We switch easily and we call it roladexing where its like the revolving door scenario, we constantly go in and out and all over a creation. There are a few things which cause certain insiders to front. For example rap music causes darina whose six to come out, because she loves it. The sight of blood causes taylor whose six to pop out, as she often has hallucinations of blood. It really just depends. There are many more things that will cause a certain insider to front.

30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 10

Day Ten: Have you ever done a system map? How extensively have you mapped your system?
We tried a system map some years ago. We never finished it though. We found it to be too difficult at the time. I’m sure if we tried again now we could manage it though. We know a lot more now about our system than we did back then. I know a system map is different for each did system. Some systems just put the names and ages of system members on their map, while others put lots of info about each system member on it. I think for us we would just do the names and ages part because there are way too many of us and it could become way too long.

30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 9

Day Nine: What level of co-consciousness do you have? How do you feel your communication skills are within the system? How do you want to grow in those skills?
We have a varied level of coconsciousness. Some of our system members have almost perfect coconsciousness, while others dont have barely any. It really depends on who your talking to in the system. Some system members will be able to tell you about our day to day life, and about the things we do daily, but others wont. In therapy we’re working on inner communication and inner cooperation. Its hard to get the cooperation going but when it happens its lovely. I hope to keep working on these aspects and eventually I would hope our communication would be much better than it is now. It would certainly be nice if we were all on the same page…

30 days of dissociative identity disorder-day 7

Day Seven: How many parts do you know of in the system? How many know about each other?
We are a very large system. We’re what is known as polyfragmented, basically, meaning there are more than 100 of us in the system. This is a type of did that is common in ritually abused people. Anyone I know of whose polyfragmented, has been ritually abused in childhood. I suppose there could be exceptions to this though. As for who knows about each other in the system, that varies, we have a core group of insiders who front regularly, and we are all co conscious with each other. There are others however who are further back, who dont live where the core group lives, and who are not coconscious with us. There are also those who have varying degrees of conconsciousness. Some have it with me, in fact most insiders have it with me. Mostly if you are a regular fronter or someone who has much interaction with the outside world, then that insider has some degree of coconsciousness.