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Love me challenge day 9

Day 9: Share something beautiful.
These pictures are of Nitro, my guide dog. These were taken on his first free run 3 years ago. A free run is when the dog is off harness, playing, enjoying his freedom and just being a dog and not a working dog. Arent they adorable?

Love me challenge day 8

Day 8: Share a scar

Although not a physical scar, my many overdoses have left a lot of emotional scars. So much so that now taking tablets is a big issue for me. When I have to take even just a tablet for a headache, I physically feel like Im going to throw up. All the times I swallowed handfuls of pills, its just a reminder that I did that which I would rather not have to think about.

Love me challenge day six

Day six: A note to future you

Dear future me
I want to tell you it will get better. Things wont always be this difficult. Your illness doesnt define you. You are way more than your illness. You are a unique person with many talents and you have already achieved so much in life. Dont give up. Keep working hard in therapy and it will pay off. You are starting school soon, a new challenge, give it all you got. You love learning and socialising and making new friends, school is a place where you can do all of those things. I know sometimes you dont want to live, but you have so much to live for. I am proud of you for all the things you’ve been through, and all the things you accomplished over the years. I’m glad you are still here and alive.

Love me challenge day five

Day five: A note to past you

Dear little me
I’m sorry for what you’ve had to go through. It was so unfair. You deserved to be safe, loved, taken care of by those who were your carers. You did not deserve to be abused. You were strong to get through all that. It wasnt easy but you managed. Even though you dissociated, and developed did in the process. Its not surprising that you did with all that was going on. It allowed you cope and lead a semi normal life. It is just good that you survived. Well done you for that. I want you to know that you are safe now, that I love you, and that I will not let any harm come to you ever again if I can help it.
Adult me