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RIP Tess

This evening, our aunt had her dog put to sleep. Her dog was 12 years old. A beautiful collie, who loved her family and who loved life.

RIP Tess. You will be missed by all of us, including us here who werent part of your family.

You were so loving. You touched our lives in lots of ways. Most of all though you gave of your love freely and were very protective of those who you trusted. I’m glad you led such a happy fulfilling life.

Rest in peace. I know your not in pain any more and you will run free with all the other dogs in heaven.


Here she is, this was taken last week, she’s enjoying the peace and quiet in her house.

carol anne


This morning I am missing people from my past. I feel I need to grieve these people. One is a therapist. We saw her for four and ahalf years, and while we never knew where we stood boundary wise, she also really helped us in many ways. Our relationship ended quickly, without much closure. Today we miss her. I also miss other people who arent in our lives any more. Like for example, our dear gramma who died when we were 14, our best friend from childhood, who we still see occasionally but we just dont have that special relationship any more. I also miss my best childhood friend from the boarding school, I dont see her either as much as I’d like to. We were so close when we were in school. Its hard feeling the grief associated with missing these people. I’d rather feel numb than to process this awful grief. Thank god I have a phone check in with our therapist this evening. I feel like I really need her right now. I need her to tell me its going to be ok, that I’m going to be ok, that we’re going to be ok and we can get through this too.
Carol anne