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me taylor

i hav be havin a lot bad days latly
i don lik dat one bit
i emailed eileen dis morig
i telled her bout stuf goin on for me
how im seein blood
and hearin voises and seein faces
and spiders on me all the tim latly
and i don lik dat at all
it skares me lots n lots
doctor barry says it is wen im in distres
and that wen it hapens more
and it how i cope
wif wats goin on
i don kno i jus kno it hapens
and it a yuky feling
i have to member
to jus keep swimming
rite guys?
taylor six


hihi everbody
gess wat? i toked to dr barry today
she was real nice to me
she alwas is nice to me
she remberd my age
if you don kno i bes six
today was a good day for me
i didnt see nuffin or heared nuffin bad
i glad bout that
cuz usuly its not good day ever hardly at all for me!
i tol dr barry bout emily
how shes not rely eating at all
emily didnt want me to tell
but i did finked it portant
der beed a medical student wif us dis time
her nam were alice
i asked her!
and she ansered me even
i wasnt even skard to tok to her!
i tol dr barry bout the blood i see lotsa times
and the spiders on me too
she said she bes glad it is a good day today
and wat made it good
but i don know!
wel i gots to go now k
cuz it bed time for me

Our littles will be doing some Videos!

Our littles are going to be posting up some videos. However I will be password protecting them. If you want the password, please feel free to comment to this post.
You’ll need to use an email address that you regularly check, so I can send it to you.
Let me know in your comment if the email address associated with the comment is the one you want to use.
Carol anne

hi hi everbody!

hi hi everone
it me taylor
you rember me?
im six years old
todays a gud day for me
i lik gud days
cuz usuly im not havin a gud day
an i dont like wen dat hapens
it is rainin oteside
it going pitter patter plop plop
im not ote in it tho
im warm and cosey inside in bed
ha ha
wif de covers on me
and i am going ask for som hot cocoa soon
yummy for my tummy
you lik cocoa
i do lots
i wish we had nibbles
dats ar stufed rabit
shes my frend
she protecs me
but carol anne forgeted to bring her wif us to ar parents
silly carol anne!
ok i gots to go now
byby everybody