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My niece is sooo cute and funny!

So my niece Lauren is 7. This past weekend she said two very funny things.
On saturday evening while we were eating dinner, I had to go to the bathroom, my mom was bringing me because I didnt know where to go. When I came back, my sister promptly informed me that Lauren had said I am lucky, because I can walk around with my eyes closed. rofl.
then on sunday morning we were all sitting in my mom and sisters suite, and mom and my sis were packing. All of a sudden lauren pipes up to me, how did you manage to pack your bag when your blind?
rofl too cute.
She’d obviously been thinking about it for a while.

Part way through our vacation now having a ball

So I went out of town yesterday. To a nearby town about 90 mins from where I live. My mom, sister and the two kids are with me. My sister also brought another child, her kids cousin on their dads side. We’re having a blast. We stopped off on the way for some lunch. I was really good at lunch time, I just had a turkey and stuffing sandwich, and a cup of hot tea. I really wanted to get what my sister got, which was a hot chicken roll, with chicken, cheese, lettuce, and garlic mayo on it. But now I’m glad I didnt because the dinner last night was huge and I know I’ve probably put on a little weight from it. When we got to the hotel we checked in and looked around. The hotel is beautiful and really family friendly. They have everything here. We decided to go swimming in the hotel pool. I can swim but I didnt really swim instead I went in the hot tub for half an hour. That was bliss. After swimming we went to the bar so my mom and my sis could have a drink before dinner. I wasnt drinking, instead I had sparkling water with lemon in it. My mom and sister and the kids were able to get their meal without paying because it was part of the deal they got. I had to pay for mine but for 22.50 I got a 3 course meal of a starter main and dessert. The meal was scrumptious. For starters I had cream of vegetable soup, then for my main I had turkey and ham with mashed potatos, egetables, and stuffing. And then I treated myself to a dessert of a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream. After dinner the kids went to the indoor play area that is in the hotel, and mom and me stayed in the bar chatting and drinking our drinks. Then after that my sister took the kids to the play area thats outside, there are swings slides and climbing equipment. We stayed in the bar for a while longer and then I decided to go upstairs and chill out since I wasnt drinking. I skyped with my friend sarah for a while but skype kept disconnecting and we were having trouble hearing one another which was annoying. It was after 1 AM before I finally slept. And when I did I didnt sleep too good, tossed and turned all night and was up twice to pee lol. Woke at 7 when mom texted me to ask if I was up. Then mom came in and helped me get ready to shower and made me a cup of tea. She’s so sweet. I’m showered now and I feel much better, more awake. Today saturday we are going to a pet farm. Cant wait for that and to see all the animals because I heard you can pet them ande touch them which will be good. We’ll probably spend the entire day there and eat lunch there too. Its so nice to get a break away. I’m loving it.

A friend sent a package

Thanks to our friend Sarah for the care package which she sent us for our birthday.
She sent the kids a game of simon and some scented pens to color with.
They are so excited to get packages from amazon. They could not wait to open them lol.
Now they are all buzzing and want to draw but its almost midnight so I said we will wait till tomorrow to do it.
They love their present though.
It came at exactly the right time as they were all kind of upset and feeling alone and lost.
thanks Sarah! You are so kind to do that for the kids. XXX
carol anne

Easter updates

Easter is over, and I am so happy. It was full of triggers for us. We almost ended up in the hospital, but I was able to go stay with mom and dad, and avoid it. Dr Barry had put weekend support in place for us, just in case we got into crisis, and a hospital bed was needed. She said if we got the weekend service, that if that were to happen, they’d be able to get us in quickly. She wasnt on call this weekend. The weekend service is a service where psychiatric nurses work, they’ll either call to your house to check on you, or else you can have phone support. We opted for the phone support. So each day of the weekend we got a phone call from a nurse, to check in, see if we were ok and if we were suicidal, etc etc. I felt kinda stuck, unable to open up to the nurses, because I didnt know them. Dr Barry had left notes on how we were doing last Thursday, which they read and so they did know a little but not a whole lot. Spent the majority of the weekend as I said with family, went to visit our grandad on Saturday, he was in a really positive mood, which was nice to see. He has had a couple of really bad days lately, dying is hitting him really hard and he’s very angry about it. I think its because he has his full faculties, his mind is 100 percent there but his body is not. We spent an hour or two with him on Saturday, and it was nice. Then yesterday it was just mom and dad and us as our lil sis went with her boyfriends side of the family to an easter egg hunt. Then they all went back to her boyfriends sisters for dinner. I did go visit a friend yesterday afternoon because I had promised to bring her a new book and I was meant to go friday but bailed out then due to tiredness. Other than that I’ve had a pretty chilled out time, despite numerous triggers flooding us. We used our distraction techniques, listening to music, a book, reading facebook, journaling, doing email, anything that would get us through. Tomorrow we are probably going to go to the beach with our mom, and sister and the kids. The weather has been really nice for the last three days and is supposed to be good up till Friday. It will be nice to have a day out I think.
Carol anne